Brian T Shirley Interview on Lina Jones Diamond Network

What’s up #Diamonds?

I hope you are getting your fill of the summer and enjoying those hot summer days and humid nights. We are smack dead in the middle of summer and I think it is a beautiful thing… that means it will soon be over and #Fall and #Football is right around the corner. #woowhooo!

What has my former co-host Brian Shirley has been up to? Find out on Monday as he has something exciting he wants to share about the 2017 NSAEN International Film Festival. I believe in supporting Independent filmmakers and artists of all kinds and so when he asked me, I said sure…why not. Showcasing talents is a part of what this show is all about and since we have a history together, it seemed like a good fit.So tune in, live, Monday, July 31st, at 7 pm EST, 6 pm CST, 4 pm PST, to hear about this film festival opportunity.

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Well, it’s the end of the month and we’ve been talking about Friendships…I hope you’ve grown and learned something useful throughout this month. Are gearing up for those kiddies to go back to school, or returning yourself? We will be focusing on bullying and returning to the old routines and some #CoffeeTalk money saving ideas and tips. Looking forward to seeing you all next month and in the social network world! Don’t forget to stop by the LJDNShow‘s website to see what new for August.