• Tamara McClure

    Tamara McClure

    Executive Film Festival Director

    Tamara McClure originally hails from Oklahoma City and currently lives in Huntington Beach, California. She graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. Tamara’s passion lies in a fantasy world as she is a writer and actress besides being the editor of No Strings Attached-ENews.

    One of Tamara’s favorite quotes is one from her own mind: “There is no greater feeling than that of being moved.”

    Tamara is “Married with Two Cats.”

    Film, to me, is one of the greatest forms of self-expression. Thoughts, feelings, and actions collide into an explosion of emotion and the viewer is left with an experience; good or bad, it doesn’t matter. You were transported from your daily life, if only for a moment.

    Filmmakers have these wonderful imaginations and ability to share part of themselves with the world, and I think that needs to be supported. Everyone from the crew to the actors have bought into this vision, dug deep within themselves to create and impart a cathartic experience to others.

    I am thrilled to be able to provide a medium for which these storytellers are able to showcase their work with not only the viewing public, but also their colleagues in the entertainment industry, as well as have an opportunity for a distribution deal.

    – Tamara


  • Brian Shirley

    Brian Shirley

    Executive Film Festival Producer

    Brian T Shirley has toured the USA, Canada, The Bahamas and Japan for 25 years as a Stand-Up Comedian. He’s created 3 Web TV series Behind the Scenes at Kinetic HiFi, BTS on the Road (Still active) and Bengleton Socks (still active). Brian has also hosted or cohosted 3 radio shows and a still active radio segment “BTS Entertainment Corner”. He’s also acted and did VO work for several Indie movies and WEB Series.

    Brian also served in the USAF as a B1-B Avionics Electronics Technician. He’s proud to have served and, as a matter of fact, has material in his show about the military. Brian was honored to perform for the Marines stationed at Fuji and Okinawa, Japan. He continues to perform for Military Installations and Veterans events all across the USA as well.

    I’m committed to helping film makers get their project more exposure, that’s why I believe this Festival in an important event! I especially identify with independent artists because I am one.

    – Brian


  • Vanessa Hundley

    Vanessa Hundley

    Producer and Film Festival Consultant

    Vanessa Hundley, aka DJ Audioprism, started her career at Bellbottoms, a legendary Buckhead retro club that brought the best dance hits of the disco era to the nineties to an enthusiastic following. She then jumped into the scene full time at American Pie, a legendary party bar known for it’s variety of music genres spanning the 50’s to current along with signature novelty tunes. From there she continued her journey to entertain crowds at notable venues across Atanta including Runaround Sue’s, Olive’s Waterside, East Andrews and numerous others. She currently presides over two popular karaoke nights weekly at G’s Midtown and appears at high profile dances, sports gatherings, special club bookings, and corporate and fundraising events across Atlanta and beyond. She has also expanded into Web television with The Audioprism Show, featured on the No Strings Attached E-News website, YouTube and American Hearts Radio.


    I have been involved in the arts all my life, and see many wonderful things come from collaborations among industries. This film festival has already brought together a wide spectrum of creativity, I can’t wait to see what the filmmakers themselves have to present! ”

    – Vanessa


  • Thomas Paris

    Thomas Paris

    Director of Operations

    Born in Los Angeles, California, Thomas Paris is an accomplished actor and stand-up comic. The son of a stay at home Mom and an Army doctor, he loved aircraft and went to work for Boeing.  One fateful day, he saw an ad for a comedy workshop by Second City in St. Louis.  Taking a chance, he attended the workshop and soon became hooked on the stage.  He appeared in a commercial for Smithfield Ham with Paula Deen.  Appearing in multiple movies and stage productions as the principal actor, he continues to perfect his craft. Work lead him to Savannah, where he founded the Savannah Comedy Revue at the Bay Street Theatre in 2009.  The Savannah Comedy Revue hosts a variety of  comedians from across the nation and provides entertainment at corporate events and fundraisers.


  • Mike Aloia

    Mike Aloia

    Executive Producer and Director of Marketing

    Mike Aloia, CEO of American Hearts Radio Entertainment Network, Web Television Show Producer, Radio Personality. Spiritual Person,Song Writer, Columnist, Cartoonist, Stand Up Comedian, Character Actor, Sales and Marketing

  • Beatrice Davis

    Beatrice Davis

    Director of Special Events Planning and Creative Consultant

    A former tour & road manager for many celebrities, Beatrice Davis, decided 15 years ago it was time to close the suitcase for good in order to enter the world of entertainment  & business consulting. In 2001, a new business child was born to bring some new attention and head-waves to the ever-evolving business world.

    Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc. was established so she could bring her expertise of worldwide red carpets, celebrity events, concert touring, branding, image, business and life style consulting to a high-profile clientele.

    The name, Sassy B, reflects her personality and was given to her while on the road. Her clientele reaches across the worlds of sports, movies & film, politics, fashion & beauty, corporate and speakers. Go ahead visit her website, and discover all the secrets she may hold in the world of entertainment & business luxury.

    Sassy B Worldwide Productions is not just a consulting company; Sassy B is a company that cares deeply about clients.

    Her motto states, “Your Success is our Success.”

  • Carla Arroyo

    Carla Arroyo

    Creative Producer and Producer of Digital Content

    Carla Arroyo, lives in the Philippines, loves to read and write about anything. She writes short stories online and dreams of publishing a book someday. She is also into graphic design and website development. She loves learning and exploring new things. And she loves her family more than anything.

    Words she lives by:

    “You can never undo things that you’ve done or expect to happen all the things that you’ve planned for the future. But you can always make the best out of everything you have right now. So don’t be a fool dreamer or a sucker of the past. Just live every day you live. Let go and get going.”

  • Ordaz Jeter

    Ordaz Jeter

    Executive Webmaster and Producer of Digital Content

    Ordaz Jeter finds interest in all things dealing with technology and the online community.  He has many years of experience in K-12 and higher education as an instructional technologist and instructor.  He is currently the owner of the Virginia Computer Institute, Inc., a technology based company that provides technology implementation services, customized training and aerial drone videography services.  He is a proud member of the NSAEN team and is responsible for the overall IT mission, vision, and strategy.

    He believes in the incredible power of positive thinking and he is firmly committed to making a positive impact throughout the world.

  • Janice Hermsen

    Janice Hermsen

    Media Director

    Janice Hermsen is the co-founder and managing partner for LeRue Press, a publisher, printer and a professional business center located in Reno, NV. She is also the editor of What’s the Story?™

    Janice has been writing since she was 13, primarily poetry in the early years and then technical writing in her job. She worked in finance for years in accounting, then as a financial advisor and mortgage broker building a strong foundation to eventually open her own family publishing company. Hermsen writes for, was a Featured Contributor in the finance section on and hosts two radio shows Book Hound™ and What’s the Story?™ that air in northern Nevada. With the help of the internet, she has followers from around the world.

    She lives in Reno, Nevada with her husband (and tons of family in the area). If you ask her what her favorite thing is? She’ll answer, “Being independent in what we do and making a difference for the many people looking for a way to express themselves.”

    Preferred public contact e-mail:

  • Rebecca Stevens

    Rebecca Stevens

    Legal Assistant

    Rebecca Stevens was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She moved to the city of Chicago before starting college, and has lived there for nearly seven years. She is a girl who loves her city, its culture, its people, and especially its food. She is currently a third year law student at DePaul University College of Law and will graduate in December of 2017. She studied Political Science and Italian at DePaul University as well. Her love of law and languages is closely rivaled by her love of music, film, and sports. These interests led her to pursue a career in Entertainment and Sports law. In her free time, Rebecca loves to spend time with her family and friends. She also enjoys coaching and playing ice hockey, golfing, wakeboarding, attending concerts and sporting events, and playing her guitar and drums. She is proud to be a member of the NSAEN team as their legal intern.