1. Please look carefully at the categories NSAEN has created, and apply your work(s) to the right one accordingly. Films that have been miscategorized will not be considered.
  2. Ensure that all materials, sounds, music, and authorization from external Intellectual Property being utilized in the film(s) submitted to NSAEN have the expressed Intellectual Property owner(s) consent. Any agreements in full effect with an external Intellectual Property owner(s) for all particulars in the submitted film to NSAEN must be written on file and last for the full duration of the use of that content. Any breaches of copyright within the film submitted to NSAEN is the legal responsibility of the Content Creator (creator of that film). If a complaint is made regarding copyright, the infringing material will be removed from sale and/or the festival and all parties will be notified as soon as practicable.
  3. Entrants must use copyright-free material, follow Fair Use guidelines, or show evidence of permission from the external Intellectual Property owner(s) to use copyrighted material in the entry. —Entrants accept that liability for the illegal use of copyrighted material will rest with the entrant, and no liability shall be transferred to NSAEN Online International Film Festival.
  4. The Entrant agrees that the festival may use any separate film parts (frames, trailers, music, etc.) as promotional materials. The festival reserves the right to introduce any changes in the rules and scheduling of festival events, without prior notification to directors, senders and any festival participants.
  5. The Entrant is solely responsible for the content of the Film and agrees that the Film does not contain any content that may be construed as: libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, sexually, racially or ethically offensive, intimidating, threatening, hateful, discriminatory or abusive.

Please read the following:

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree as follows: I have read, understood and complied with all eligibility requirements of the categories for which I would like this film to be considered. To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this document are true. This film is not subject to litigation nor is threatened by any litigation. I am duly authorized to submit this film to the NSAEN Online International Film Festival’s Competition. I hold the NSAEN Online International Film Festival harmless from damage to or loss of the submitted work to or from the Festival or otherwise during the course of the Festival’s possession of the film. I certify that I, the entrant, hold all necessary rights for this submission and accept the regulations of the NSAEN Online International Film Festival.


  1. More than one entry may be entered, however, each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form.
  2. Entries may be domestic or international.
  3. Entries must be in English, or subtitled in English.
  4. All entries remain your intellectual property. You have the right to screen your entry.
  5. We reserve the right to make changes on any part of the film festival, at any time.
  6. Films with US distribution (obtained prior to being selected for NSAEN Online International Film Festival screening) or films produced, financed or initiated by a major film studio or television network are ineligible for competition, but may be considered for a special screening.
  7. NSAEN reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject or disqualify any ineligible entries, without a refund.
  8. Once an entry payment has been received we cannot provide a refund. If a payment is disputed by an entrant for any reason, the entrant may be subject to any transaction fees or similar amounts incurred by NSAEN in connection with the dispute.
  9. NSAEN has no obligation (other than as stated in these rules or on our website) to disclose any of the following information: i) identities of screeners or judges; ii) notes, feedback, or information relating to the submitted project; and/or iii) details regarding the submission review or selection process.