100 Happy Days: Looking forward to 2017


If you’re politically inclined (and lean to the right), I’ll bet you thought I was talking about the first 100 days of the new administration. Or maybe you thought I was going to tell a story about “My 100 happy days”. But no, it is neither of those. It’s all about a website I stumbled upon while I was looking for a good way to start the year and a good topic for our first issue of 2017.

It seems there is a non-profit organization established in Zurich, Switzerland that has capitalized on sharing happiness. How ingenious! A young man (based on his picture on the website) was considering his life and “wanted to bring (my) happiness back” and decided to find one thing to be happy about for 100 days. To increase his chances of success, he began posting over social media with the hashtag #100happydays.

Whether the story is real or not, his website is still up and running and in 2017 is running his 100 happy days challenge again. “The challenge took the internet by storm asking one simple question: ‘Can you be happy for 100 days in a row’?”

Every day find at least a little thing that made you happy and upload it to social media with #100happydays hashtag.

From that concept came an entire website; he’s partnering with corporations and individuals and their projects and initiatives have reached over 8 million people in 180 countries around the world. So if you’re up for it, take a photo every day for 100 days and post it to social media. We have a client whose son decided to do a similar thing, but he did it for 365 days and then put it into a book called The Biggest Little Photographer by Thomas Darnell (along with his mom, Camilla Downs). When Thomas was on Book Hound Radio Show recently, he mentioned that it was not as easy as it seemed. But well worth it now that he has a book of his own. By the way, the website said that “71% of people tried to complete this challenge but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason.”

What about you? Are you up for the 100 happy days challenge? What about doing a 100 day plan for your business? Instead of making resolutions, how about a 100 day plan? Sounds interesting…but I think my business partners might challenge me if I try to implement that right now…but then again…we’ll see!

Happy New Year everyone.