Moon Bright, Very Right — Feb. 13

© 2017/TomSquitieri


You held the bed posts oh so tight

Not planning to let go

The full moon threw light on your neck, back and legs

As if lighting for the show

Your hands tighten, your eyelids closed

your smile, it grew so wide

There was not any, any doubt at all

How good it felt inside

You were on your back when woken by me

when my tongue enjoyed the taste of your legs parted

Then after several eruptions you breathed out deeply

turned over and said “Let’s get started”

Your musk was all over, the dawn still to come

You recharged quickly after each gush

You know how your shoulders and back turn me on

For me, the never ending crush

The last time you were on the couch and we went on and on

Your smile of pleasure, the angle so steep

All I need is to look and hear

at your smiles and sounds when so deep

Although it is you holding tight to the posts

Whose body moves with each thrust

It is you in control of my heart and my passion

My soul alive in our lust

The moon is now bright as we continue our start

And all is fully right

Your grip on the posts will not let go

Nor elsewhere, where you hold me tight.





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