3 Ways to Develop a Positive Routine



Have you established a successful routine for each day, or are you the type of person that flies by the seat of your pants?

If you answered the latter, then this is the perfect time to make a change. By making this change, you will find you have more time and your stress level will be reduced. Implementing healthy habits to be carried out daily will naturally lead to success. Successful people have routines and habits that result in positive changes.

To be a success in direct sales, a person must follow a daily routine that includes positive behaviors. Today, I’m going to share with you three behaviors that help contribute to a successful routine.

1) Have a morning routine

In order to have a good morning routine, it’s important to get the proper amount of sleep. Each person is different when it comes to this. Many people have often joked with me and asked the question, “Do you ever sleep?” The reality is, during the week I’m in bed by 9 PM and wake up at 4 AM. For me, 6 1/2 to 7 hours of sleep is plenty.

It is widely known that successful people have a morning routine–a person’s mood in the morning will affect their productivity for the entire day. And by having a good morning routine, that person will have control over how their day begins and they can start with a positive mindset to gear up for a productive day.

The reason I get up so early is I start with exercise and a 30-minute walk. I take about 10 minutes to post my positive messages on social media. After that, I jump in the shower and get ready. And all of you who know me, know I admire myself in the mirror.? Remember, confidence is a good thing. I eat a small breakfast, play guitar for about 40 minutes, and hit the road before 7 AM each day.

Make sure you have your day planned out the night before, and get yourself into a regular morning routine. Start your day off positive—always.

2) Meditate

In this crazy, busy world it’s important to take time for ourselves and have some good quiet time. Meditation is a daily exercise for the brain that helps to control and strengthen it. Successful people do this because it helps to silence any negativity that might tell a person to give up when things aren’t going well. If a person can focus on meditation, this helps to overcome challenges and allows them to reach their goals.

3) Focus on the positives

So many people in life focus on what they don’t have. All this does is rob their joy. Make the decision to have a gratitude journal. Each and every day, take a few moments and write down some things you are thankful for.

Your whole outlook on life will completely change if you show gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life. I can see the smile on your face as you begin to do that right now. There is a lot to be thankful for.

I know many of you are doing most of this and it’s why you’re having great success. The reality is, we all have room for improvement and that certainly includes myself. Let’s all make a decision to make sure we get into a positive routine each and every day. Life is short. Life is precious. Never take anything for granted and enjoy every second.

Success and blessings!



Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash