The Summer Dance


The Summer Dance

© 2017/Tom Squitieri

The summer danced and made me smile
I was stunned at its return, it had been such a while
It danced and took me on to the floor And oh my, oh my, did my heart soar

It was real, oh so real, with waves and sun
and kisses and dreaming and just such pure fun
The magic emerged, the walls came down
the summer easily banished the frowns

Each meal seemed amazing, with the best ever taste
Each moment was the fullest, with nary any waste
The promise of more came with each morning
Hopes seemed to become reality, there was no need for yearning

And yes there was mirth and cloud gazing and song
Each moment had a pause and thought, right emerged from wrong
The calendar hibernated as optimism took the lead
The perfect future galloped forward on the most beautiful stallion and stead

Ha. But God, she has such humor and such a biting wit
She knoweth just how precise to tease, yet alas not know when to quit
She gives a birthday to end the season, a time when one should look ahead
Sweet soft tasty summer rainstorms become harsh hitting hail, the joy into a dread

To feel her skin next to me forever would be divine and finality
So much gentle power, clarity and creative spark, smiles and sensuality.
A little calm world that you enter, where dogs sleep, coffee is always wonderful, hair a mess
Where skin feels the morning breeze and longs for it to be you caressing

Sometimes I wonder who you are,
I seem to know you in the soul unbarred
But later I realize that nothing I know of you,
and I’m thinking with mockery, I imagined myself so new

Lighting claps, thunder flashes
framed artwork left on the floor
the mind convulses as if making love
demanding more and more

You have drank my coffee a thousand times, and you have melted to kisses on your neck a thousand times

I whisper the same words of love, always equal and always true, for the two of us as one is the only rhyme

This pure madness of life, which is illusory and then disappears in a beat of bird wings
That passion is what we must sing
Oh your sweet smile, your hidden burning eyes, how you bore into me
As I beg to wear your ring

I will not stop believing that someday the duet will be sung
The roller coaster will yield to the merry-go-round
the music will laugh, the ring grabbed from the rung
Thanks for dancing with me. I was lost and now I am found!


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