4 Considerations for a Pied-a-Terre

Do you regularly take trips to one city? Then a pied-a-terre might be right up your alley.

Named for the French phrase “foot on the ground,” a pied-a-terre gives you a home away from home when you travel for work, visit loved ones, or just take a vacation in another locale.

Most pieds-a-terre are smaller condos or apartment units located in the heart of a city. Are you thinking of buying a property like this to make traveling more comfortable? Here’s what you’ll want to consider before making that move:

Location: Since you’ll be going for a specific purpose, location is key. Ask yourself the following questions: Is proximity to a certain school, office or community a must? Do I want easy access to local landmarks and hot spots?

Amenities: Amenities play a big role when you’re at your pied-a-terre. Consider what amenities would make your stay better. Do you want access to a gym, spa, or rooftop pool? Would a cleaning service or doorman make managing the property easier?

Size: A smaller property is ideal for one or two people to have a short stay. But if you’re planning on extended trips with multiple people, a larger property might be better. Do you know who you plan to travel with, how long you’ll stay, and how often you’ll visit?

Rental Options: If you’re going to use your pied-a-terre a handful of times per year, you may want to consider using the unit for short-term rentals in between visits. Does the place you’re considering allow for this? If so, what are their policies?

Whether you plan to visit your child in college several times over the next few years or you have lots of work trips on the books, a pied-a-terre might be for you. It can offer a more comfortable, affordable stay than a hotel.

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Nicole Kasten

Licensed Broker Associate