4 Things We Can Do to Say, “Thank You” to Our First Responders


Saying thank you to our first responders is the least we can do. Their hard work and determination are inspiring and something that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Statistics show that there are currently over 25 million first responders in the United States alone. Here’s what you can do to show your appreciation. 

Write A Letter

Writing a letter of appreciation can be a personalized and touching gift. Taking time to put pen to paper can show any first responder, whether that be a nurse, firefighter or paramedic, just how much you were deeply touched by their work. You are showing them that you value the job they do. Think carefully about how you word your card. Use words that express gratitude, kindness, and pride. Look for inspirational quotes online that resonate with you and include them in your message. Ask family members or close friends to include their own message to make the letter even more special. 

Offer Incentives

By offering incentive schemes for first responders, you are showing them how much you value the work that they do. Take a look at some incentive schemes that already exist and promote them to any first responder you know. Find incentives that will help them throughout their everyday lives. For example, take a look at these home loans for nurses by The Home Loan Expert. The aim is to help first responders ease the financial burden of buying a house by taking away the cost of appraisals and loan check-ups. Finding time to complete important life decisions like this can be difficult for first responders. Offering incentive schemes like this can help to make a difference. 

Collect Donations 

Consider collecting donations for your local hospital or fire station. Hold a local fundraiser and ask people to get involved. Think about different activities that you can do to encourage people to donate. For example, hold a bake sale, sponsored walk or local quiz night. Ask around your local area to see who will get involved and help you set up the fundraiser. Set your budget and plan everything from the activities down to the catering so the event runs smoothly. Promote your event around the area to drum up interest and get as many people involved as possible. Personally deliver your donations to your local hospital or fire station. 

Send A Gift

Try to look for gift inspiration online and choose something that will be of use to them in their job role. Choosing something practical like a pair of shoes or hand cream will be appreciated. Consider the fact that first responder teams can be big. To provide a gift for a lot of people you can make something. For example, bake a cake. Ask nurses, firefighters or paramedics down at their local headquarters what their favorite cake flavors are. Use this to inspire you. 

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash