4 Tips for Direct Sales Success


When I tell people that I sold encyclopedias door-to-door successfully for 20 years, most people are shocked. I guess I would say that I’m definitely a rare breed, but I can honestly say doing that was the best sales education I ever could have received anywhere. Knocking on doors selling books has taught me incredible lessons that apply to every form of sales.

There is no question it has helped me in the merchant service industry as well as training people in this business.

Most of the success I’ve achieved, I have learned the hard way. So today, I would like to use my experiences to help you become more successful when it comes to cold calling and prospecting.

1) Quit Wasting Time.

When I am working in the field, I completely understand that time is my capital and I have to invest every second into writing merchants. There is no doubt about it that we have to have a sense of urgency while we are contacting them. The time we waste with the wrong people stops us from being with the correct people.

When it comes to direct sales, you will be rejected. There’s no way around it. You have to learn not to take it personally and understand that every NO is one step closer to the YES. No matter how good of a sales person you may be, no one has a 100% close ratio.

My point is to understand that, in many cases, you have to get to “NO” faster. Time is your most important resource. Don’t waste it by staying too long with people who you are not going to write up. Learn not to be a professional visitor. Spend time with the right prospects.

2) Learn to Read the Buying Signs.

To get a sense of whether someone is a serious prospect, you need to learn the signs they are giving you. Too many times, sales people are so caught up on what to say they miss the buying signs right in front of them. Let go of that anxiety and you will see that everything will change.

It’s important to get to the point of knowing your presentation so well that you don’t have to think about it. Once you start doing that, you’re going to pay more attention to their facial expressions, their eye contact, and their body language. Your goal is to develop a connection with them where they like you. By doing that, they will listen to you and trust you. People do not want to be pitched. They want to know you genuinely care and you are sincere in helping them.

3) Stop Trying to Convince People.

I have heard so many representatives say to me “I pitched this merchant, saved them over $200 per month, and I could not persuade them to go with me.” The reality is, that’s the problem right there. They were trying to convince rather than help. If you’re going into sales thinking that you need to make people buy from you, you will fail. If you have dollar signs in your eyes, people will feel that you are pressuring them. They will not trust you, and they will not believe you.

Instead, have a genuine interest in the people you are speaking with. Your goal is to get to understand them. Focus on them and find out what their needs are. They are first, and your program is second.

Once you’ve understood their needs, you can show them how your program can genuinely help their business. You will be amazed at how many more positive responses you will receive with this approach.

4) Be the Most Confident Person You Know.

Confidence comes from knowledge, practice, and preparation. Learn your programs from A-to-Z and then practice your presentation constantly. Look in the mirror. Record yourself. Make sure you have good voice inflection, and speak loud and distinctly.

A confident person is an attractive person in so many ways. The confidence you display will allow the merchants to have confidence in you. In order to be confident, you have to act confident. Work on this area and watch your success grow.

I am thrilled to see the success that many of our representatives are having. This opportunity is a dream come true. You can go as far as you want to go. There is so much success around you and many people willing to share their success secrets with you.

Surround yourself with nothing but positive, and make the commitment to do what it takes to be a success in direct sales.

Have an incredible week!