4 Tips To Finish the Year Strong



It’s a wrap. The first half of the year has been completed. Is anyone else amazed at how fast the time has gone by? It seems like just yesterday we were having our annual beginning of the year summit.

For those of you that were there, you may recall I gave a talk on making 2018 your best year ever. My question for all of you is “Where are you with the goals you set for 2018?” At the summit, I spoke about physical goals, relational goals, business goals, and spiritual goals.

This is a good time right now to reflect on where you are. Take inventory in all of these areas and ask yourself how you can improve. Perhaps you’re not close to where you want to be. That is OK. Do not get down on yourself. You cannot change the past, but remember that today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Look for improvement in all of these areas.

Let’s focus on what you would like to accomplish for the remaining half of this year in our business. The fact is, six months are now history and the only thing that matters now is your ability to finish the second half strong. My goal is to show you how. The positive news is there is still plenty of time and opportunity to reach your goals and even exceed your sales targets.

If, at this point, you find yourself below target or you’re unhappy with your production, it may be time to change your mindset, choices, habits, and strategies so you can produce the results you want and need.

Here are some strategies that will help you have a productive and awesome second half of the year.

1) Get Serious

With six months left to go, make the decision to get serious. Set some crystal clear goals. Raise the bar, step up your game, and develop a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Successful people tell you at some point in their life, they looked in the mirror and decided that once and for all they were done playing games. They made the decision to reach their full potential.

The moment you make the decision to get serious and committed to finishing the year strong, is the moment everything changes in your life for the positive.

Commitment always precedes action, and action will be taken after you decide to get serious about doing everything in your power to accomplish this.

2) Do Things Differently

This is all about execution. The better you execute, the better you perform and the stronger you finish.

Finishing this year strong means you have to establish new and better execution skills. Change it up a little and get excited about your plan.

3) Develop a Sense of Urgency

You will achieve true greatness and finish strong only after you develop a sense of urgency about what you are doing. It takes urgency to get the results and achieve the goals you want to accomplish.

It’s time to write out a goal and a plan on what you’re going to accomplish for the next six months, and simply get excited about it. Have an amazing sense of urgency, and go for it.

You must take massive daily action and make urgency part of your daily routine.

4) Be Relentless in Your Goals

Being relentless means you have the type of attitude that you are going to succeed without a doubt. Nothing is going to get in your way. You are committed to being a champion. Believe with passion that you are up to the challenge and be 100% committed to finishing the year strong.

Trust me, the rewards are incredible for those that pursue a strong finish and get the victory.

Please understand as you work towards the goal of finishing the year strong, there will never be a day that will not require dedication, discipline, perseverance, accountability, and the opportunity to execute with conviction.

Never give up. Don’t look back, and be relentless in the pursuit of your incredible goals.

We have an amazing team and a powerhouse group, and I am blessed and proud to be associated with all of you. The talent is magnificent. Regardless of where you are at this point, let’s all rise up and make a commitment to have an amazing and productive six months. I look forward to celebrating our accomplishments together. I am right here with you. Let’s do this!

Have an awesome and incredible week!



Photo by Keith Luke on Unsplash