5 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors to Avoid

When it comes to success, every now and then we have to do a check up from the neck up. Our attitudes and our thought processes are key factors in achieving our goals. It’s important to be 100% focused and we must do what it takes to achieve great success.

Are there any behaviors in your life at this present time that are stopping you from reaching your full potential? Unfortunately, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. It’s the little things that make a difference. This week, let’s examine some self-sabotaging behaviors that you definitely want to avoid.

1) Comparing yourself to others

I would say that now, more than ever in my lifetime, more people engage in this behavior because of all the social media outlets.

The reality is the perfect lives that people are portraying on social media are false. It’s easy to wish that you had that so-called life.

Remember that you are unique and you are designed for greatness. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, you have to work hard and you have to make a commitment to keep improving yourself. Quit playing the comparison game and focus on improving yourself. That’s something that you have control over.

2) Not taking risks

Success involves risk taking. There will be sacrifices and there will be pain. The pain that we experience while working towards our dreams is a much better pain then having to deal with the pain of regret.

Failure is part of success, and you will fail. It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it. Keep pushing and keep grinding. Never ever be afraid of failure. It’s all part of the process of growing yourself. Challenge yourself, make the commitment and go for it!

3) Succumbing to distractions

The world is filled with distractions, they’re everywhere. This is where focus comes in. It’s time to put down your phone, shut off the TV, and put away all the distractions that are stopping you from achieving your dreams.

Write out your goals and put a game plan together on what it’s going to take to achieve them. Put all the distractions aside and work your plan 100%.

4) Procrastination

We can all think of a million excuses of why we are not starting today. Procrastination is the killer of success. I was actually speaking to someone today that told me they were going to start making it happen two months from today. Unfortunately, with that mentality, that person will never start.  There will always be another excuse or another reason not to.  Have you ever met someone that is “gonna do something”? They talk a good game but they never take action.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes. Start right where you are and start right now. Life is too short to just exist. You have dreams inside you waiting to come true, this is your time. Do it now!

5) Dwelling on the past

The past does not equal your future. Your past does not define you. We all have had difficulties in our lives, and we’ve all made some bad choices. Sometimes things happen in our lives that just don’t make sense and it’s not fair, but we have a choice. We can either become a victim or we can be a Victor. We can choose to become bitter or we can choose to become better.

Perhaps someone has even wronged you. This is where forgiveness comes in—even if that person doesn’t deserve it. Remember that forgiveness is for you. It allows you to heal and move forward.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your amazing life. Your future looks incredible. Choose to move ahead with a positive attitude.

If any of these behaviors are stopping you from achieving your full potential, make the decision to change today. It’s never too late to change. You were created to be awesome and amazing. Today is your day!

Have a fantastic week!


Regional Sales Manager RMS

Photo by Diana Schröder-Bode on Unsplash