5 Tips to Thinking Big



In our industry as well as many other sales opportunities, you can go as far as you would like to go. That is why it is imperative to be a big time thinker. In order to get to the top of the mountain, you have to first believe that you can reach the top of the mountain.

To be a big success, you have to believe that you will become a big success. This is called thinking big.

Thinking big is a habit that will naturally grow and develop over time. It allows us to expand beyond our potential. To be a big-time thinker, we have to eliminate some habits that may have forced us to think small.

Small time thinkers struggle with procrastination, short-term thinking, negative thinking, and they make a lot of excuses. They tend to over analyze things and never seem to get started.

Developing the habit of thinking big on a daily basis requires effort. It takes time. Thinking big consistently and effortlessly will come after a while. In order to be a big time thinker, we have to develop some supporting habits that will help us. Here are some positive habits to establish.

1) Have big goals and plans.

When you are setting goals, start thinking of some that will help you get out of your comfort zone. Push your limits and stretch your imagination. Life goes by fast and it is very brief. Think beyond your potential. My philosophy is that while you are here on this earth, you might as well be a super success.

2) Speak positive always.

The language you use on a daily basis is a reflection of your thoughts. If your speech is filled with complaining, worrying and critical thinking, you can expect your life will be a direct reflection of these words. Start using empowering words and phrases that are focused on the positive. By doing this, your life will be a reflection of this type of language. You become what you think.

3) Think forward.

Small time thinkers fly by the seat of their pants. Thinking big requires forward thinking. Map out a plan for your future. Think several steps ahead and several years into the future. Where do you want to be this time next year? Where do you want to be five years from now? Write out these goals and then make a plan.

Visualize yourself already achieving your goals. Once you have the plan, work hard at achieving them.

4) Believe.

That is the magic word. Thinking big requires an amazing belief system that convinces you that whatever you can believe, you can achieve.

When you envision it, you believe it. When you believe it, you do it. When you do it, everything becomes possible. Have an unshakable belief system.

5) Be a problem solver.

In this life, you will have challenges and you will have problems. No one is immune from that. Big thinkers love big problems and quickly turn them into big opportunities. Nothing is going to hold you back. Use every obstacle and challenge as a learning opportunity.

There is a wonderful book out there called “The magic of thinking big.” Read this book and others that will help you become a big time thinker. The opportunity we have here is amazing. Think big and be the best you can be!!

Have a BIG TIME week!!



*Image at pixabay.com