5 Ways to Overcome Disappointment


Here is a wonderful quote I read this week by Robert Kiyosaki…“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

There is no doubt about it that in life, you will have disappointments along the way. Feeling disappointed certainly does not feel great. However, it can actually be quite advantageous.

Most people tend to wallow in their disappointments and when they do that, they get discouraged. When someone wallows in disappointment, they end up living a very negative life. This is why when we face disappointments, it’s important to change our focus to something more positive rather than focusing on the negative.

Disappointment can actually be an incredibly powerful emotion that can help you clarify your personal expectations, and help you to pave the way forward toward achieving your goals.

We will all have disappointments. People may let us down and sometimes circumstances happen that are beyond our control. This is all part of life. The reality is that we can turn our disappointments around and use them to our advantage. Today, I’d like to share five steps to do just that.

1) First, acknowledge how you feel about it.

If you’re feeling disappointed, then admit it openly and honestly. It’s OK to talk about it and perhaps even analyze what really happened.

Doing this helps you to understand your thoughts and expectations. Take time to explore the thought process that led to your feelings of disappointment. But most important, do not stay there.

Use the disappointment as a learning experience and focus on the positive.

2) Take time to learn from your experience.

Ask these questions of yourself:

What can I learn from this experience?
What can I learn about myself?
What can I learn about how I set expectations?
What can I learn from this that would help me change my approach the next time around?

By doing this, you can move forward through this disappointment with a renewed sense of confidence that you will make the most of whatever life throws your way.

3) View disappointments as opportunities.

By doing this, you will be able to fine-tune your problem solving and creative thinking skills. In many cases, disappointment is nothing more than a problem that needs to be solved. In order to do that, it’s important to think creatively. Look for a way in which you will figure out a solution that can help you move past your disappointment.

It’s also important to find time for laughter. It’s OK to laugh at your disappointments. Look for the humorous side of every situation. This will help you feel more at ease and give you ideas on how to overcome them.

4) Understand that disappointment is only temporary.

This soon will pass. Focus on the future. Focusing on what you’ve lost and what you failed to do or achieve, will only take away your self-confidence. Make sure you change your disappointment to a learning experience. The past does not equal your future. You will overcome, and you will be a better person.

5) Look for potential opportunities.

The moment of disappointment presents a perfect and unique opportunity to expand your horizons. When one door closes, a new one will open. Look for the signs that an opportunity exists. Stay positive and receptive and you will definitely find a way out of your disappointment.

No matter who we are, sometimes in life, things will go wrong. We will get disappointed. The reality is, it’s not what happens to you that matters, but rather how you respond to the disappointments that life throws your way. This is what will make all the difference. Don’t dwell in the disappointment. Learn from it. Keep your eye on the prize and keep marching forward. No matter what, keep positive and never ever give up.

Have a super fantastic week!