6 Tricks to Launch Your Shop on Etsy

You may have set up your Etsy shop, but you don’t know what to do next. You know that making money on Etsy takes more than just setting up your shop and listing a few items. With the amount of competition, you have to work hard and use some smart strategies to attract shoppers and keep them coming back. Here are six tricks you can use. 

  1. List at least 20 products

Many Etsy sellers make the mistake of starting out with only a handful of products. If your product line is small, think about varying sizes, colors etc., so you have more product listings. The more product listings you add, the more keywords you can use, which makes it easier for shoppers to find your shop. 

One of the best ways to promote your Etsy shop is to keep listing new products. Using print-on-demand services gives you the option of not having to carry inventory. For example, if you decide to sell prints of your digital art or transfer it to physical merchandise, they will make the items when customers order them, package and ship them to your customers. 

  1. Learn how Etsy SEO and Etsy search work 

Knowing Etsy SEO and how the search algorithm works is probably the most important key to your success. Various factors influence rankings on Etsy, such as how well keywords in your title and tags match the terms shoppers use to search. How well your products sell and customer reviews are also important. 

It’s better to use longer keywords as they are less competitive and give you more opportunities to rank highly. For example, don’t just use the word ring but add descriptive words like “silver,” “engagement,” “wedding,” “for women,” etc. 

  1. Write high-converting product descriptions

When writing your product descriptions, it is important to write about the benefits rather than just the features. Show how the product can improve the life of a customer. Don’t just describe the features of a hair dryer, but explain how it can help them get out of the door quicker in the morning. Addressing concerns about how easy a product is to use can also encourage sales. 

  1. Make sure your photos look professional 

Your photographs can make or break your Etsy shop because they give shoppers the first impression. You don’t have to have an expensive camera – a modern smartphone can take good photos. A white background will help your products to stand out. Natural lighting will usually give you the best results. Avoid direct, harsh sunlight as it can create hard shadows. Try to show as many angles of products as possible and zoom in to show textures and finer details. 

  1. Drive traffic to your Etsy shop from social media

You will get traffic to your shop from shoppers on the Etsy platform itself, but you can also drive traffic from social media platforms. Pinterest, for instance, is a popular visual platform you can use. Consumers will see your pins on Pinterest and click a link to visit your shop to buy. 

Don’t just post listings, think of posts that are interesting and useful for your followers. The more followers you have on these platforms, the more likelihood you have of them going to your Etsy shop to buy your products. 

  1. Have a good pricing strategy

You need to include all your costs for material, labor etc., when calculating your product price. When setting your prices, you should compare them to competitors with similar products. Price your products too high, and they won’t sell. Price them too low, and you may not make enough money to stay in business. 

If you can undercut your competitors but still offer a high-quality product, you have a better chance of success. Shoppers on Etsy place value on handmade products, so they may be willing to pay a little more than shoppers on other platforms. 


Some of the strategies to help you successfully launch your Etsy shop include listing at least 20 products, writing high-converting product descriptions, and using Etsy SEO. It also helps to use professional-looking photos, drive traffic from social media, and price your products correctly. 

Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay