7 Amazing Health Benefits of Semolina



Wow, this blew me away. I have been having Semolina every morning for the last week after my morning run and I must admit, the more we grow Live Clean Live Well, I learn that there are really simple everyday things that we can do to improve health that don’t get big publicity.

Having type 2 diabetes and being 56, trying to stay off the drugs and keep it under control naturally is a big fight, and for a long time, I was losing the battle.

I am slowly learning things I can actively do that will benefit my health and others.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I learned how powerful Semolina is and what it can do for the body.  Here are 7 powerful benefits of Semolina.

1.    Semolina is made from durum wheat, so it is digested slowly. This helps you feel full longer and prevents you from overeating.
2.   Semolina improves kidney function thanks to its potassium content.
3.   Add chopped nuts and raisins to your semolina porridge and you increase its nutritional content as well as taste.
4.   Add chopped vegetables to savory semolina Upma, and you have a power-packed, as well as delicious, meal in a bowl.
5.   Semolina is a good source of two vital vitamins: E and the B group. Both, as we know, are essential for good immunity from disease.
6.   For those who lead an active lifestyle, semolina is a quick and nourishing source of energy.
7.   The trace minerals in semolina, such as phosphorus, zinc and magnesium, are beneficial for the health of your bones and nervous system.

Of course those with gluten intolerance would need to avoid eating semolina. We have also noted a few other great benefits of this grain.

Great for Diabetics, semolina is low glycemic, that is why eating semolina is recommended for diabetic patients. While giving those diagnosed with diabetes enough daily energy, semolina also can lower blood sugar.  The selenium present in semolina is known to strengthen your immune system. Besides selenium, there are B vitamins and vitamin E contained inside. These vitamins are very important to boost your immune system and help fight disease.

Semolina also offers the chemical, selenium, which can protect your heart from infections, as well as keep it in good shape overall. It helps promote your cardiovascular health besides keeping you away from heart attacks, heart failures, and more. The fiber present in semolina can help improve your digestive system function. As a result, you can digest food more easily and it helps with easier bowel movements too.

I hope this has been helpful and as much of an eye opener for you as it was for me.  Have a great day!

CJ Henderson Live Clean Live Well

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CJ Henderson is an ex-Navy Gunnersmate on the famous USS Missouri BB63 Battleship. Since leaving the Navy Henderson opened a Technology business in Sydney, Australia, and the USA; he has also worked in fashion creating his own label, AZANI Fashion. CJ now runs a company dedicated to Clean Living, his business uses a new fundraising model that helps businesses, churches, sporting clubs raise funds integrating his love for technology in a new model called Social Retail with a new brand called Modere. Their products are free of over 3000 harmful cancer causing ingredients and fits with his mission of Clean Living.


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