7 Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas


The mere definition of a baby shower is a party where the guests, usually immediate family members, shower the baby and the mom-to-be with gifts and love. The transformation of a woman into a mother is a big deal, and that is why it is crucial that the gifts are not just for the baby, but for the mom too.

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As a great friend that you are, you know that the mommy is equally important as the new baby. Here are seven great baby shower gift ideas you can use for your friend’s baby shower.

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Sound machine

Having a sound machine on during the night can immensely help soothe a crying, colicky baby. Instead of trying to find the perfect sound for their inconsolable baby on the phone, the new parents can simply click a button and turn on the wave sounds, whale songs, or wind chimes, and relax with their newborn calmly sleeping.

Portable diaper changing station

New parents get exhausted. Like, completely sleep-deprived, to the point that they forget to get dressed. So, the portable diaper changing station is the perfect gift for the new parents, to aid them in the never-ending battle of messy diapers.

By filling it with diaper rash creams, diapers, wet wipes, and trash bags, you are setting the parents up for success. They will be able to simply pick it up and carry it with them to the room they are in with the baby, instead of running to the nursery, scrambling, trying to find everything while the baby is crying.

Personalized pacifier clip

Not all babies want to take pacifiers. However, it can still be a cute memento to look at once they grow up while listening to the stories of how “you never wanted to take on the pacifier for the life of me!”

And if the baby does get attached to the pacifier, there is nothing worse than losing the favourite one or getting it thrown on the ground.

The clip prevents those two worst-case scenarios, keeping the parent’s peace of mind.

You can even personalize it with the baby’s name. If the parents are waiting until the baby is born to name them, you can always put a special note writing who it was from, or wishing the new baby a happy, healthy life.

Cozy blankets 

Babies like to be cozied up, warm, and feel safe and secure. By swaddling them and wrapping them up in nice, soft blankets, you are making sure they are having the most wonderful dreams.

However, those blankets have to be of good quality, and breathable, to prevent any mishaps. Choosing bamboo and knit blankets and swaddles is the way to go, and if you are unsure where to find them, 3 Little Crowns has a great collection of soft and cosy baby blankets that will make you super popular with both the baby and the mom.

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It’s a shame wraps are not as popular as strollers. There is something special in carrying the newborn close to the heart, and it makes them feel so secure. Carrying the baby helps soothe any discomfort they might have, it provides warmth, and they are listening to the same heartbeat that they heard for so long.

It does take a little time and practice to learn how to wrap a baby, but when the new mom masters it, she will have the freedom to use both her hands while safely and securely carrying her little bundle of joy.

Buying the new mom a wrap is the best gift you can give to both baby and mom.

Mommy water bottle

Nursing mamas need twice as much daily water intake. Even if they are not nursing their baby, recovering from birth is a long and slow process and the body needs as much water as it can get. The trouble with having a newborn is that the new parents often forget to take care of themselves while taking care of baby. And drinking water is the first thing to go.

So, a great way to make sure the new mom does take in enough water is to buy them a water bottle. There are so many great choices—you can even get one with a reminder to make sure she doesn’t forget to drink water.

Milestone cards

Documenting firsts is such a great way to keep track of how the baby grows. These milestone cards not only have months to document, but also the first day at home, first bath, first tooth, first time sitting, walking, and so much more.

You can even personalize these cards to match the baby’s name or add more firsts as you wish. These make for great, cohesive memories that both the mom and the child will be grateful for.

We hope that this list helped you make the best choice of what to bring to the baby shower.

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