7 Steps to Help You Stay Motivated

Motivation is what drives us to make things happen, but staying motivated is the key. Motivation is what moves us towards our goals. It gets you up early in the morning and keeps you working with determination even when things get tough.

I have found that there are many distractions which can get in the way of achieving your goals, this is why it’s important to stay focused. The road to success is always under construction, and there will always be obstacles and challenges. There will be days where you just don’t feel inspired. So the question is, how can you stay motivated?

Here are some steps to help you.

1) Write down your goals.

The first step is to develop a vision board and set some specific short and long-term goals. Have this out where you can see it daily. When you set a goal, you are making a decision to act in a way that will help you achieve the things you want. Goals give you a direction to focus on, this will help you stay motivated.

2) Have goals that you want.

You will find that you will be much more motivated if you are working towards something that you genuinely want to do rather than what other people want for you. Find your passion, you are gifted with talent. Find what your true gifts are and set goals in that area.

3) Tell other people about your goals.

This helps you to stay accountable. If you tell someone about your dreams and plans, you have basically made a promise and it’s important now that you keep your word. Make sure you are speaking to the people that want to see you succeed. These people will encourage you and they will be happy for your success.

4) Check your progress.

You may not have reached your big goal yet but look how far you have come. When you are working toward something, you will find that it will be really motivating if you can see evidence that you are making progress. On your vision board, draw something on there to show how you are getting closer to achieving the goal that you have set for yourself.

5) Break your big goal into small goals.

Every step you take is one step closer to achieving your main goal. For example, you may want to accomplish something big in the next five years. It’s important that you set some small goals for what you would like to accomplish this month or even what you would like to accomplish today. The progress that you make will keep you motivated towards achieving that big goal.

6) Celebrate your successes.

Remember, it can’t always be just about work. It’s important that when you accomplish something, you reward yourself. As a matter of fact, promise yourself some sort of reward every time you complete a small goal. Celebrate your victories and reward yourself.

7) Don’t be a Lone Ranger.

It’s also important that on your journey of success, you surround yourself with other winners. Get continued training, find a mentor or someone you can share your experiences with. Surround yourself with people that are rooting for you and are going to lift you up and encourage you. Other people’s encouragement will be a big boost to your motivation, especially when you are going through difficult times.

The bottom line is, in order to stay motivated you have to keep your eyes focused on THE WHY. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. Never forget that. Sometimes it may be difficult, but it certainly is worth it. Your future looks bright, stay positive and stay motivated.

Have a super fantastic week!


Regional Sales Manager RMS

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash