9-Seater Minibus Saving Tips


The minibus has become a common site on UK roads as more families see the advantages that a minibus affords over a large SUV. In general, minibuses can seat from 9 to 12 passengers in comfort. No special licence is required, details here. True luggage space will be limited if all passenger seats are used up.

Initial Purchase Price

If you wish to save, why not opt for a nearly new minibus and take advantage of the depreciation factor. If a minibus is well-maintained, it will have a long life and this is not reflected in how quickly prices drop in the UK for most second-hand vehicles, especially luxury vehicles. This is a UK phenomenon. In other countries cars do drop in value, but not at the same levels in the UK.


The insurance will depend on a number of factors, but having a good driving history is important. If you have not driven a minibus before, it is possible to transfer your car’s no claims history to a minibus. When buying a minibus, look at the insurance category that it belongs to, as this will also be an important factor in the price you pay.

Who you get your policy from

The insurance provider you get your policy from will, of course, affect how much your coverage costs. The good news is that it’s very easy to get minibus insurance quotes now thanks to sites such as Multi Quote Time minibus insurance or Go Compare Minibus coverage options.


Like all vehicles, taking preventative actions will always work out cheaper than letting things slide. Get your 9-seater car or minibus serviced on a regular basis and carry out your own checks, especially before a long journey.

Black box

If you are a safe driver, why not prove it to the insurance company and agree to the installation of a lockbox and get rewarded for safe driving. Installing this type of device is extra important and effective for young drivers who are seen as high risk.


Two approaches can be looked into to lower your insurance premiums. First, can you provide safe off-road parking when not in use? Secondly, have you installed an immobiliser and a tracking device? Both of these should be industry approved, but doing so will help reduce further tour insurance overheads.

Minibus Sharing

Similar to carpooling, minibus pooling has gained in popularity within the UK. If the term is new, it basically means you can have the use of a shared minibus when required. This means you will only pay for what you use. Perfect for families or clubs that only require a minibus for the occasional outing or a family holiday. Another option is to simply hire a minibus when you need that extra space or comfort. If hiring, you will need to hire with a specialised minibus hire company as these are scarce on regular rental fleets. 

Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash