A Comedian Crashes Your Pad


What is A Comedian Crashes Your Pad? A web series, several episodes on YouTube asking to be a television show? Whatever it is, I liked it. Comedian Greg Schwem is funny, engaging, and someone I am happy to spend half an hour with while learning about the city he is visiting and the pad he is crashing. 

I watched Ep: 37 where Greg visits a home in Chicago known throughout the city as “The Castle”. The house itself is quite interesting but Greg manages to turn what could be a ho hum conversation with his hostess, the owner of the castle, into fun and enjoyment with his subtle humor. He also visits his hometown comedy club as well as Al Capone’s favorite hangout. The comedian has a way of taking the viewer along for the ride. He is charismatic, likable, and fun. 

We all have a curiosity about cities, interesting landmarks there, and want to know a bit about their culture and residents; and there are plenty of shows on the Travel channel to fill us in, or we could do a Google search. But, we also like to laugh; and sometimes we want more than just a history lesson, right? We want fun and for me, Comedian Greg Schwem delivers the fun.