A Kaleidoscope of Colors


“Walk the Turtle” 4/4/2019


An intimacy with silence inside the mind and soul absorbs the language of wisdom heard by the voice within our heart. The peace felt is caressed by pain lifted as time moves forward.

A kaleidoscope of colors seen through the eyes of a child of God are kept among the paintings of each moment we share through life’s struggles and praise. Our promise to our faith is to have an everlasting romance with life.

To kiss your remains with a warm compassionate prayer allows the cleansing of spirit to flow from the tears of yesterday’s love, along with the sense of vision and dreams of traveling once more when we depart into a new realm.

Walk the turtle through the memories near, look upon the heavens without any fear. Embrace your existence as we walk upon this holy ground, and never forget how blessed we are to be forgiven and saved by His crown.

To be in the arms of Christ is to be in your arms too, Brittany my love.