A Light in You


“Walk the Turtle” 9/3/2017


Conformity to the pressures of society can overwhelm and create a storm inside a troubled mind, we learn to stand strong inside silence of the eye.

As turbulent winds cut through foundations of doubt an unsuspected breath of faith will emerge unto the broken wings of our spiritual strengths.

We hold our integrity and moral beliefs beside the basics of scripture and the internal compass of guidance wrapped around the strings of a heart.

Compliance to the feelings of uncertainties can bring us to our knees in despair, we are pulled by the hand of fate and lifted by the warmth of love.

We each have a unique signature of energy with gifts and talents hidden inside the soul, released by knowledge and wisdom of truth in poetic flow.

Walk the turtle with tears of joy knowing the value of your existence is precious to every moment you live, seeds of hope are felt by a light in you.


Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash


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