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Aaron Heimes, the Man Behind e360tv

I would like to welcome Aaron Heimes to the BTS Entertainment Corner, let’s find out a little about him first.

aaron-360Aaron Heimes is a passionate and disciplined media mogul that is focused on the expanding over-the-top media distribution and digital marketing channels.  With a background in media, marketing, and project management, Aaron focuses on the creation of cross-device distribution channels that includes a feature-rich viewing experience for audiences.  This includes  content-to-commerce, interactive advertising, and branded content to create a value proposition that allows viewers to control their experience while unobtrusively pushing brands to the right people, in the right places, at the right time. Aaron is also a producer of branded content and the President of the OTT (over-the-top) network, e360tv.

1) Aaron, we share the same passion when it comes to Independent filmmakers and artists. When did you first start getting into the “Indie” scene?

I have always been interested in the independent content scene for the pure fact that many of the projects are “passion projects” and have more heart than much of the mainstream content that gobbles up the limelight. The fact is, content is buried at an alarming rate, and if there is not a destination and promotion behind said content, it won’t get the appreciation it may deserve. I saw this trend, along with the opportunities in the over-the-top television world, as an opportunity to help highlight independent content. 

2) Do you think independent films, web series, etc., are starting to become more popular? Why do you believe this?

They are popular purely because of the rise in need for content. Content marketing trends in the digital and social media atmosphere are giving content creators a great opportunity, but they must be willing to think about the marketability and how brands could leverage their content in their marketing efforts. Some say this is “selling out” but the truth of the matter is, it pays the bills.   

3) I’m honored to have our short film ‘Two Go in…One Comes Out. A Socumentary” on e360tv. What made you create this platform and what are your plans for the channel in the future?


The best line from Socumentary is “no comment”.  Makes me laugh just answering this question. What spurred e360tv was the opportunity and expansion in the OTT space and the problem with independent content having a platform that could also leverage these trends.  The plans are to continue to grow our library of content and build monetization to fulfill our goals. 

4) Tell us about the programming. Any current or new programs you want to talk about?

The content is not niche but does have a “method to the madness”.  We see the emergence of mainstream viewers who are looking for content that lies in the fringes of our culture. We love the weird, the different, fresh perspectives, content that is just different from typical mainstream. Some of the most controversial content is about cannabis. One of the our most current releases was Clarity: A Medical Marijuana Documentary. This mini-doc looked at several dementia patients who were administered medical cannabis in a controlled environment to show the effects. It’s astounding and heartfelt what happens—giving the patients back moments of clarity that give the family members an opportunity to see the family members again for what they were, not for what the disease has taken away from them.  


5) How can people get involved with e360tv? What do you have to say to potential viewers?

For content creators, get involved by getting your content up on our platform. It’s free and there are rev-share opportunities. For viewers, sit back and watch. Enjoy something different and realize there is an underlying cause, and support us by letting others know. 


6) What advice or…warning do you have for folks who are ambitious enough to start their own channel?

Oh boy. It’s tough work. There are a lot of moving parts and the tunnel to profitability is long and dark. But the reward is working with so many talented people and of course, meeting a person on the street who says, “Hey, I’ve watched e360tv, it’s really good”.  These are the glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel that make it all worth it.