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Actress Elena Varela In

VH1 Television Series

Chronicling the Daily Fireworks of 5 TV Talk Show Co-Hosts


Elena Varela may not be a household name yet, but she has certainly come to the attention of producers and directors who recognize the talent of this feisty Latina actress. She lives by an international time clock and doesn’t hesitate to hop on a flight from Los Angeles to Florida and beyond for a good television or film project.  Her latest role is playing opposite Vanessa Williams in a VH 1Television Series produced by real life Talk Show Host, Starr Jones. Other notable cast members include Tachina Arnold, Patti LaBelle and, LaLa Anthony.  The show called Daytime Divas, chronicles the daily fireworks that erupt between 5 female co-hosts of a daytime talk show.


Elena grew up Washington, DC and still maintains that unique cool and collective urban vibe.  She is articulate in both English and Spanish and can, without hesitation; give a convincing performance in the accent of her South American ancestry. In fact, her cultural diversity has landed her roles on the set of Criminal Minds, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Telenovela, Scream, Parenthood, Coma, Judging Amy and, The Bold and The Beautiful.


“I didn’t have Latina role models as a teen, so I would watch Heather Locklear in Dynasty or the daytime soaps like General Hospital.” But she knew at a very early age that she wanted to become an actress. However, it was not the goal her parents had in mind for her. They came to America from Argentina and did not share her enthusiasm of being in front of a camera. Instead, they enrolled her in a finishing school. Unbeknownst to them, she sneaked off from the grace and charm environment to attend acting classes.


It wasn’t a hard decision for her to move to Los Angeles where she first studied under Brian Reise.   (Former alumni include Tony Goldwyn, Aisha Tyler, Lisa Rinna, George Clooney and other icons of film and television).


Elena is proud to boast of the time she convincingly read for a role that called for a white male.  This gave both the director and producer an opportunity to recognize the depths of her talent.


She likes to say that “success is her only option.”  Her advice, “Don’t listen to those who try to throw limitations into the equation.  Today women are taking on roles that were previously given to men.”  Further elaborating, “I can play a soldier, a vixen, an attorney or, pilot.”

There is never so called “down time” for Elena. She enjoys reading and keeping current with entertainment industry news.  She is currently writing a sitcom and taking on the lead role.  Her motto is “don’t wait for Hollywood when you can help create your own success.”  She also advises those who are new in the business to make sure they put together a good team that includes a good manager, a great agent and a savvy publicist.


To keep fit, she takes advantage of the beautiful parks in her Beverly Hills neighborhood.  She loves to watch and study movies.

When asked about her dream acting roles, she quips, “I am already feeling extremely blessed to have the opportunity to do what I enjoy and, working towards bigger and more challenging roles.”  Without hesitation, when asked who she would love to star opposite, she names John Voight.

Daytime Divas is scheduled to air on VH1 June 5.

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