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Against All Temptation

“Walk the Turtle” 8/13/2018


I feel the waves of change among the winds of yesterday’s blessing, as the music within our past storms are heard inside the ballads of each chapter of life.

To observe and witness the transformations inside your heart as well as in the spirit of others; a compassionate embrace with our romance to be alive is given by the anointing of a humble understanding by the surrender to our faith, thus allowing the nurture of patience.

The practice of certain principles toward righteous living ignites a flame of drive and ambition to serve with gratitude; meditate and receive guidance as you transmit your dreams and prayers to the living Word.

As our journey continues within the moments of precious time given, we are held upon our choices and mistakes; remember you are forgiven and loved. Become aware of your reflection and the seeds you plant inside the souls you are connected to.

Walk the Turtle with recognition of fellowship and kindness; allow the process to unfold as our purpose to help the healing of wounds become scars worn amongst our armor against all temptation.


Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash