AHR Web TV Network to Bring Back Godfather of Web TV Shows


November 20, 2017 Lineup “LIVE”

Please tune in November 20, 2017, for the Godfather of Web TV, Dennis Aloia, with special guest, Frankie Holbrook, from “Shine his Light” Ministry in Atlanta, GA, along with our lineup of the hottest Web TV shows online. Only on https://www.americanheartsradio.com/web-tv.php.


American Hearts Radio LLC Entertainment Corporation is proud to announce Keepin’ it Real with Dennis Aloia is back! Time to show respect and “Kiss the Ring!” laughing-face

When we launched AHR Network a little over four years ago, Dennis Aloia was our first Web TV series personality. We retired his show a year and a half ago, but after popular demand, he’s ready to entertain millions of fans worldwide once again.


Since its inception, Keepin’ it Real  has spawned many great WEB TV Shows in our Network Family.

Some have come and gone and some have stuck with us during our changes. We thank God for all of our Web TV personalities and supporters of our vision, AHR will never forget any of them.

Special thanks to:

Johnny and Donnie VanZant – VanZant Family – Al Burroughs and Michael Sugden for being wonderful Past Production Engineers and Matt Roberts our Awesome Current Production Engineer at Chisel MultiMedia – Also Executive Producer Bruce Shepard and Sarah Shepard – Tamara and Beatrice and Crew of NSAEN – Janice and Crew of What’s the Story News – James and Amy at Hands and Feet Foundation Westside – Batman of Jax – Santa Bob – Peter Hefty and Justin – Jackie Knight – Dawn Causey – Timmy D. – Brian T. Shirley – Brittany’s Ghost Girls – Dan Glazer – Jerry and Joshua Farber – Vanessa Hundley – Chris Massey – Darryl Rhoades – Helen and Pastor Christopher Carlyle – Jene’ Nichole – Tammy Dennis Arnold – Meg and Craig Scott – Richard Norton – Doubie and Lulu Bennet – Moonshadow Tavern – Daniel and Shae of Cliff’s Bar & Grill – Trevor and Eileen Bild – David Bell – Earl Hayes – Curt Towne Band – Leon Jonjock – Tum Kapri – Angie – Mimi Johnson – Jacqueline Bell – Ed the Possum Man – Gene Odom – Pete DeLorenzo – Charlie Humphries – Full Throttle magazine

Remembering: We love and miss you, Mary Tolbert. RIP “A Beautiful Moment”
RIP Col. Bruce Hampton

CEO Michael D. Aloia


Untitled 2Mike Aloia
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