Alter the Course of History in the Making


Where do I begin?

My mind says: How do I stay sane in an insane world?

My heart says: Stay focused on love, joy, peace, and happiness.

Others say: But how can you do that when there is so much pain, distress, negativity, and chaos?

My voice says: Be still, find as much positivity as you can, envision the world has turned right side up, deep dive into the strength/courage/confidence within, each day focus on a miracle/something that you can smile about, lead by example that uplifts and encourages, and most of all discover the deep-rooted love that can envelope all things.

“We are all being tested beyond anything we have ever experienced. The seams are coming apart and about to burst…into something that will bring about an extraordinary shift. Mankind is at a threshold of change, for better or worse, where our integrity and ability to truly evolve is at our fingertips. The battle within has spilled over into a war of words, thoughts, and actions. Will it end? Only time will tell, but history seems to repeat itself. Will we learn? Only by the eventual merging and weaving again that has a foundation of love. That which we stand upon today has many cracks…releasing the various voices of many, each wanting to be heard. The cries of the warrior spirit are strong, all across the universe. No one winning, only continued strife and strain. But within the matrix of this battle, there is a light, and bit by bit it shines brighter. Some will see it, others will not. Joining together at the highest form of connectedness may be the answer. In prayer, we can in numbers alter the course of history in the making.”

~ Eileen Bild

Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash