American Hearts Radio to Broadcast 4 All-New Original Films



American Hearts Radio LLC is Proud to Announce the Airing of 4 All-New, Original Films on a Worldwide Exclusive Broadcast. “A Socumentary” ( Two Go in…One Comes out) by: Brian T. Shirley, followed by 3 Short Films from Winners of the 2017 NSAEN Online Film Festival

Saturday at 8 PM
“Two Go in… One Comes out” A Socumentary (run time 21:49)
Followed by promos and 1 music video.

8:30 PM
“Cake: A Love Story” (run time 26:33)
Followed by promos

9:00 PM
SECOND CHANCE ENGLISH (run time 29:10)
Followed by 1 short promo

9:30 PM
SIGNAL A Short Film by Diogo Morgado (run time 11:52)

Saturday Night Jan. 27th at 8 pm EST Only on
All Clients Must Submit Scripts for creating Commercials – Prepared Videos and Graphics to or call (904) 229-8150 for more info.


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