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Arise and Shine in 2-0-1-9!



We have just completed our Retriever Merchant Solutions annual summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s always exciting and positive to reconnect with our Retriever family from all around the country and to meet brand new additions to the company.

This was a two-day event filled with positive meetings about what’s in store for this new year and also some introductions to new services that we have available. We also had training on some of our existing point-of-sale systems.

We just celebrated our 20th anniversary of RMS and there was a powerful 15-minute video which was very moving. We were also blessed to have JR Martinez, an Iraqi war vet share his powerful testimony. Everyone was at the edge of their seats listening to him.

I was truly blessed to be able to close our meeting and share some history of my experiences with RMS, and talk about the blessings that my family has received from this amazing opportunity.

While I was speaking, I shared with everyone the importance of not leaving the enthusiasm in the room. I encouraged everyone, as I will encourage all of you, to take advantage of this opportunity and start right now. Each and every one of us have the potential to be a star. All of you have greatness within you. I shared some tips on how all of us as stars can let our light shine.

Let me encourage all of you, as we are now in 2019, to follow these steps daily. The first step is to…


The best attitude is an attitude of gratitude. There is always something to be thankful for. The assignment I gave everyone, and I’m going to encourage all of you, to get into this practice. Every evening when you go to bed, put the shoes that you are going to wear the next morning underneath your bed. In the morning, as you are looking for your shoes, you remember they are underneath the bed. As you kneel down to get those shoes, stop right there and while you are on your knees, start giving thanks. What a great way to start the day.


Success does not always come to the strongest or fastest woman or man, but sooner or later it comes to the one who believes they can. Believe in yourself and believe in what you are doing. Believe you have greatness within you. Believe you can be a top performer. Believe you can make a difference.


The decision to have a super productive year is made right now. Make the decision daily to choose happiness and success. Don’t look back, you are not going that way. Decide to bring out the greatness that you have within you. Write out all of your goals for this year and simply make a decision to go for it.


Success takes making a full commitment. It takes consistency and it takes persistence. Map out a roadmap for success and commit to it daily. The journey will certainly not be perfect but it will be worth it.

By doing all of these things, you are now letting your light shine. I ended with a prayer and after that, we shared our theme for this year. Let’s all make a commitment to…


Blessings and success!

Regional Sales Manager RMSNPC