Arms of Our Savior +


“Walk the Turtle” 2/4/2019


Doors we go through inside our chapters of this thing we call life…self-gratitude emerges as each melody is played by the violin tuned during the musical vibrations felt by a spirit in a transitional shift of letting go of its past.

Strength is given to all inside the mind of determination. A tough love by those who care transpires during the confusion of fear and foolishness, while prayers that are sent by those inside our hearts begin to take hold of the bitter truths as we tend to walk away many times before the realities are revealed to us.

Changes from torment to bliss are apparently the final outcome during the struggles of complete surrender as our soulful youth diminishes before our eyes. Thus we bow down to a majestic grace as we slowly move towards new beginnings leaving behind old habits, hurtful people, and spiritual vampires.

Days of wandering in the wilderness within the concrete jungles and traps we once called home are replaced by the awakening of willpower and the forces of angelic warriors.

To accept what we are as creatures of darkness, during the process of denial to our soul, is a crippling road of redemption in the light of unconditional happiness once taken by a leap of faith and whatever it takes to live.

Walk the turtle with the compassionate understanding of who you are, knowing our time on Earth is limited, as is the dash between the dates we are born and when we parish from this physical realm back to the everlasting loving arms of our Savior.

I feel God’s arms holding our hearts close as I go forward towards the day of being with you in heaven, my love. I thank Him for your heart, Brittany Withers.

Photo by Josep Molina Secall on Unsplash