As the Soul Heals


“Walk the Turtle” 3/5/2019


Aspects of life hidden inside the whispers of a morning breeze are felt as we cry out to our creator asking for the reasons why. Answers will be revealed as time flows into tomorrow while a pink heart-shaped balloon dances among the winds of yesterday’s love held by the comforting arms of an old oak tree. We rest our spirit as the soul heals.

Storm clouds break, as the sunshine of our hearts radiate inside each smile, as we remember how safe we feel when we embrace memories of warmth during the moments of those chapters we shared and the promises of our everlasting bond held by the hand of faith.

True melting of unconditional love gives passion to the wandering silence, resembling a calm mist of haunting images residing within the thoughts of a fragile, shattered mindset.

Achievements and rewards given are translated by the body language we share; beyond the understandings of spiritual transformation, apparently part of who we are as we go forward into a new day in peace.

Walk the turtle allowing the growth of wisdom and knowledge to guide our dreams together as we always give thanks with a humble voice to touch the hearts of angels as we pray.

One day closer to heaven, to hold you again Brittany, my love.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash