Assuming the Sale



Each and every one of us have heard the saying, “We should never assume.” However, when it comes to direct sales, you can throw that logic out the window.

When we talk about assuming the sale, it’s important to understand the steps of doing that. I’ve talked to many representatives who told me they have problems closing a sale and seem to be losing them in the end. The reality is rarely do we lose them in the end. The majority of the time we lose them right from the beginning.

Assuming the sale starts when you first meet a prospect. You are setting the tone for closing them, and this begins with your introduction. As you take each step throughout your presentation, each part is all about assuming the sale.

When it comes to assuming the sale, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Proper mindset.

When you are visiting with a prospect, as you begin your presentation, what is your confidence level? Do you hope that you are going to write them up, or do you feel strongly you are going to write them up? This is what I’m talking about when I refer to proper mindset.

A prospect can read your insecurity. Your goal is to have him see a strong level of confidence from you. The more confidence you have in yourself, you will find the prospect has more faith in you. The more positive you are, the more confidence YOU will have. There’s nothing else that will kill a potential sale more than self-doubt.

Make a commitment to approach every merchant with a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. You will be amazed at how positive a merchant will respond.

2) Listen to your prospect’s needs.

We just covered the importance of your state of mind, it’s also important that we help a merchant with their state of mind. How do we do that? We do that by asking questions and listening to a merchant, finding out where their pain is and what they need help with.

As you are listening, don’t think about your sales pitch. Get ready to come up with solutions to help your prospect. Show genuine and sincere interest in them. It’s important to have a flow to your presentation, but sometimes salespeople tend to oversell and over explain. When a prospect feels they have a representative that understands them and is there to guide them, they will follow your lead. It is so amazing how true this is. Your confidence will bring out their trust in you.

Using examples of other merchants that were in the same position this merchant is in is a very useful tool. For example, you can say, ”I was with a merchant the other day that was in a similar situation to yours, only a little worse, and they were so grateful we were there to help them out. The good news is we’re definitely going to be able to help you, too.”

Quit pitching and start helping!

3) Low pressure approach

When you assume the close, you’re using a very low pressure approach. Personally, I have a very low pressure approach, but it’s also very strong and confident. Every part of my presentation, from the beginning, is all about assuming the sale.

As I always say, we are not in the convincing business, we are in the helping business. Your presentation will be much more effective with an assumptive approach.

If you find that you get down to the end and feel like you have to have a hard or pressure close, you are missing some steps along the way. If you take the assumptive approach right from the beginning, it’s a very positive, low-key yet enthusiastic approach. I’m so amazed by how many people say at the end,” We love the fact that you were not a high-pressured salesperson.” Confident representatives that assume the sale are going to have the most success.

Work on these areas and watch your closing ratio increase. Start using some catchphrases right from the beginning like, “Starting today, from this day forward, from now on, etc.”

Your goal is to have the merchants actually visualize having our program already. You will find that if you take the steps and use them throughout your presentation, your closing at the end will come very natural because you have been closing all the way through from the beginning. Assume the sale and closing comes natural.

Wishing you all great success and blessings!



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