Aura of Light We Possess


“Walk the Turtle” 1/30/2017


A saturation of anxieties may overwhelm our sense of logic and understanding of ourselves, the mind can wander into the depths of a kaleidoscope of intense thought.

We perceive time as being infinite, the journey we all share is that of life, only our etching of existence will remain within the realms of this world.

Let the daydream flow into the constant abyss of realities, allow more peace by denying the flesh and bone, by giving the spirit space to breathe and permission to guide the body forward.

To be lead by the knowledge locked away inside the walls of the soul is to realize our purpose of constant spiritual transformation.

Aware of precious moments gifted to us by creation opens the eyes of love inside the tropical warmth of a bleeding heart, submerged by a cleansing grace.

Walk the turtle with the insight of eternal divinity as we observe our earthbound surrounds and see the visions that will transcend the aura of light we posses.


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