Band SANAM: The first Indian Music Artist to Reach 1 Million YouTube Subscribers




By the time you read this, Band SANAM would be just about to, or would have already, racked up one million subscribers on their YouTube channel. They are the first Indian Music Artist to achieve this.  Yes! First. Indian. Music. Artist. That, too, while being a band (In a country like India that doesn’t understand band culture). Being an independent artist. (In a country that has been totally sucked in by Bollywood). Being absolutely clean. (In a country with growing use of Vulgarity as the USP). And, last but not least, absolutely uncontroversial success.

By any stretch, that’s a remarkable achievement for a band in India – as no Bollywood Music artist has been able to achieve this. And all Indian bands put together have not been able to achieve it.


Subscribing to a YouTube channel is like subscribing to a magazine to ensure that you don’t lose track when your favourite channel posts new video content; you can see it immediately instead of having to hunt for it in the ever-burgeoning YouTube space. While subscribers don’t have to pay to subscribe, in this age when undesirable spams and promotions clutter our inboxes and every piece of content competes with every other piece for a user’s scarce attention, a channel subscription is a clear indication of a dedicated community.

So, that makes one million people who follow SANAM’s updates and constantly engage with it. And all this when JIO is in its nascent stages. Imagine what will happen by March 2017 when it will have rolled out in full capacity in 90% of India, as it claims with WiFi hotspots installed at schools, colleges, and other public places enabling people with top speeds and data limits.


What does the success of the 1 M subscriber mean for SANAM? The SANAM channel started in August 2012. On asking the band how they made it to their first million so quickly they said, “ We used YouTube as a platform to put out our work and rest is God’s kindness to shower us with so much appreciation from across geographies.” The band manager Ben Thomas adds, “I attribute this success to consistency, correct choices, staying rooted to your foundation and most of all the almighty.” The top 10 countries with maximum follower-ship after India are Bangladesh, Mauritius, USA, Pakistan, Nepal, UK, UAE, Maldives and Canada. By the end of 4 years of the formation of band SANAM, it has headlined concerts in Dubai, Mauritius, Maldives, Bangladesh, Holland, Suriname, and South Africa with the May 2015 Mauritius concert being the fastest selling concert in the history of Mauritius wherein all tickets were sold out 8 weeks before the concert date.

Technology and media analysts point out, because of the way that content works in the internet age, the success in getting people to subscribe not only means more follower-ship, views, engagement (and cheques from google) but more importantly, in fact, the building of a digital community. Growing internet connections and an increase in smartphone sales will further add to this surge. According to data, the SANAM channel has been getting in a month an average of over 41 million minutes of watch time and over 16.6 million views. The channel has already been declared as the fastest growing channel in India by YouTube in March this year.

The band is now set for an exponential increase.


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