Be in the Top 1%



The best sales representatives have abilities that set them apart from others. These agents connect very easily with prospects. They  don’t waste time and always look for new opportunities. They’re closing deals on a consistent basis. What separates these representatives from the others?

Basically it boils down to some daily habits that the top 1% of salespeople have. Make a commitment to focus on these areas so you also can be in the top 1%.

1). Manage your time officially.

Time is your capital. Make sure that you are investing it in the right area. The biggest difference between good sales reps and the very best sales reps is simply time management.

The best sales representatives make the most of every second in their day. They always have a plan to win. They maximize every minute of their time working towards closing merchants. The top salespeople don’t just plan out their day, they know exactly what they’re going to do every step of the way throughout every deal. They’re always prepared to answer tough questions. They are ready to overcome any objection, and they know exactly what it takes to close the deal. They are prepared.

2) Limit Stress.

You will find that having great time management reduces stress and day to day pressure. The top sales representatives are not the most stressed out. In fact, they are usually calm, cool and collected. They are confident in their abilities. They know which deals will close and when, and they’re not surprised by the outcome. Now this doesn’t mean the best reps never stress out, but they always act calm and work well under pressure.

3) Learn to listen.

You do not need to have the gift of gab to be a great salesperson. The best salespeople don’t just talk, they listen. They ask the right questions at the right time to draw out prospects, gain their trust, and find the information needed to close the deal. When you learn to ask questions and listen, you will find that merchants will respond much more positively.

Remember, we are not here to sell. We are here to help.

4) Walk away when necessary.

The time you spend with the wrong people stops you from being with the right people. Don’t waste time. Don’t be a professional visitor. The top sales representatives can tell very quickly when a prospect is not going to close. The best representatives waste less time selling to the wrong people and instead focus all their attention on winning the deals that are most likely to close.

5) Keep learning.

Once you stop growing, you start shrinking. The best sales reps are always looking to improve skills. They’re not afraid to ask for coaching and are always looking for ways to improve their own selling abilities. The best sales reps are never content with their current abilities, but are constantly learning more and pushing the limits.

6) Learn to love to win.

The top sales representatives don’t just want to win. They need to win. The same drive that pushes the top sales representative to constantly learn new selling skills is what pushes them to win and beat out everyone else. Top reps are very competitive. They are very ambitious, have the desire to win, and love seeing their name at the top of the leader board.

As we approach 2018, let’s make this your best year ever. It’s all about setting goals. It’s about improving. Do what it takes to be a top sales performer.

Have a super fantastic week!



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