Be Kind to Yourself


Pondering thoughts of time inside the hearts of our minds brings forth memories and chapters of our lives, existing within this world of learning and understanding the fragility of our physical body as we harness the everlasting spirit of life inside our human host of flesh.

Longevity of years given to us as a gift by God’s grace becomes more apparent to the eyes that witness the losses of those who have passed. As we keep going forward alone on our unique journey we seem to only desire the presence of loved ones who care and give comfort. Our happiness and compassion gives us strength to lift ourselves from the bondage of sorrows and pain. Faith and the belief of other realms in Heavenly places assures our soul that we are eternal beings and we will become angelic watchers over those who will remain here through love.

Letting go of fears is part of a completion of process we all share as we continue to survive this world of uncertainty and challenges.

Walk the turtle and be kind to yourself as we grow older each day, remembering the dues we paid and the storms we faced. Be at peace as we are each blessed to have been given time.

Inspired by my love Justine 💘

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash