Be the Best You



There is only one you. You are unique. There will never be another you. Life is short.

My philosophy is that you should be the best YOU that you can be. It’s very important that no matter what level that we achieve, we keep growing. Once we stop growing, we start shrinking. Each and every day make the decision to be the best YOU that you can be.

This week, I would like to give you some tips to help you improve each and every day.

1) Set a goal and then go for it.

Write down what your goal is for this week. Write down your goal for the month. Once you have established that, write out a plan on what it will take to achieve that goal. Then, very simply, make the decision and go for it!

2) Remind yourself constantly.

Write down the top three inspirations that drive you. Stick them on your mirror as a reminder of what your hard work and desire can achieve.

3) Rise up.

Your biggest competition is your own self doubt. Make sure you welcome the challenge to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and get rid of all negative influences or negative thoughts that might creep into your mind. You must believe and then you will achieve.

4) Dress for success.

Make the decision this week to focus on your appearance. The better you look, the better you feel. Remember this, especially in sales, your first impression is very important. Look successful and be sure to wear an amazing smile.

5) Start with small goals.

Write out your biggest goal and then break it into smaller, more manageable portions. It’s important that you see progress. Make a commitment to have a journal, write down everything, and celebrate the milestones.

6) Go play.

Take some time this weekend to go have a blast! Do what you enjoy. Go fishing, running, play basketball. Do what you love. Get your body moving and energy flowing.

7) Use your time wisely.

Time is your capital. It’s very important that you invest it properly. Social media can be good but it is important that you don’t put all your time into it. In sales, the time you waste with the wrong people also stops you from being with the right people. Make sure that every second of your time is spent focusing on success.

8) Make a commitment to improve.

This week, go to the bookstore, choose an inspirational book, and read it. Get on the Internet and learn a new word at least once a week. Look for ways to improve in this industry. Knowledge equals confidence which also equals success.

Remember, there is only one YOU. Make the decision to be the best YOU. Leave a lasting legacy that inspires others for generations.

I pray that YOU have the best week ever!



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