Beauty Within Humanity


“Walk the Turtle” 4/17/2017


Wisdom we acquire for the duration of our time in this world is given to our soul to carry the truth of love into our everlasting life journey.

Empathy to the struggles of pain are endured as we engage in the promises of salvation, as our spirit walks through seas of redemption.

A darkness falls upon the lost as the light will shine through humbleness of a peaceful heart, see the eyes of flowing tears roll upon our flesh.

Hear the music as the angels whisper into our intuitive guidance hidden behind innocence of our childlike essence that forever lives inside us.

From death into life are the transitions of transformations we share as we crawl from adolescence into the days of holding a wooden cane.

Walk the turtle today with understanding that we hold the key to enlightenment as we explore this vast universe of beauty within humanity.


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