Become a Better Thinker


When it comes to sales, it’s important we master the process of good thinking. Do you want to be a better thinker tomorrow than you are today? If so, it is necessary to engage in an ongoing process that will improve your thinking.

Here are some recommendations to help you.

1)Make yourself available for good input.

Always look for things to get the thinking process started. Whatever you put into your mind is what’s going to come out.

Read positive books. Learn about your business. Listen to tapes and videos and spend time with good thinkers. When you come up with great ideas, keep them in front of you. Put these notions in writing and have them available so you can stimulate your mind.

2) Spend time with good thinkers.

It’s important to spend time with the right people. You are a product of your environment. You are who you hang with. Choose to spend time with others that will challenge you in thought and action.

Iron sharpens iron. If you want to be a sharp thinker, be around sharp people.

3) Think good thoughts.

To become a good thinker, you must become intentional about the process. Put yourself in the right place to think, shape, stretch, and land your thoughts. Make it a priority. Thinking is a discipline.

Set aside some time just to ruminate. Make sure you are thinking good thoughts. The moment any negativity arises, put a stop to it immediately.

Make sure you choose to go to your thinking place. Take a paper and pen, and write down your thoughts and ideas.

4) Take action.

Once you have established some solid concepts, it’s important to take action. Ideas have a short shelf life. Do not leave them there.

Take this formula for success: Think things through—then follow through.

5) Keep creating more good thoughts.

You’ve all heard me talk about the importance of momentum. Once you engage in the process of good thinking, you can use your emotions to feed the process and create more energy.

After you go through the disciplined process of thinking and have success, allow yourself to enjoy the moment. And then take the mental energy of that success to keep producing more positive thoughts. You’ll find it will be so much easier to come up with more positive thoughts and productive ideas.

When it comes to good thinking, it is a discipline. If you make the commitment to do these five things, you will set yourself up for a lifestyle of good, positive thinking. Get in the habit of becoming a good thinker. Think positive thoughts!

I wish you a super positive week!




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