Becoming Aware of One’s Own Sexuality

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicago, IL, January 8, 2019

Author, Dr. Maria Kostina, Spiritual Guide, Life Purpose & Business Mentor and the best-selling author invites Chicago Community to an Evening of Incredible Women

Becoming Aware of One’s Own Sexuality

    January 24, 2019

                                                   Lab On The Lake

                                                3450 West Lake Street        

Author, Dr. Marina Kostina, invites Women to celebrate the release of her recent book on how to “Find The G-Spot of your Soul:  From Lethargic to Ravenous Living”

Discover your inner spiritual sexual G-Spot guide with a new vision.

Dr. Marina Kostina began her career with uncertainty about the direction of her life.  Today she is a well-known author.  Her time sensitive concept of how to find the G-Spot of your Soul has finally touched on an issue of interest to most women.  Dr. Kostina has helped to define women’s empowerment, placing emphasis on recognizing women’s voices and fulfilling relationships with their partners and themselves.   With a 10-year history of teaching Zumba, spiritual and business coaching, it is no surprise that the inevitable outcome of the strength of this powerful woman and writer is coming to the forefront of mainstream America. Published by Balboa Press of Hay House with an expected in January 2019 release, the book will be presented to the public at a special reception on January 24, 2019, at The Lab on The Lake by Sassy B Worldwide Productions, Inc.  The Lab on The Lake is a part of the new architectural vision of Historical Garfield Park.

“Sexuality is a very important part of our lives, and for many, it will offer a new perspective into our inner being,” says Dr. Kostina.  Through her years of research and development, she has shown women the power of understanding their own sexuality as well as finding the G-Spot of their soul.

Dr. Kostina’s book outlines how women can develop and harness their sexual energy to uncover and fulfill their life’s purpose — leaving behind one’s lethargic existence and experiencing a more playful and satisfying way of living a fulfilling life. The book opens one’s mind and attitude about sexuality, combining extensive research and empirical data, based on her work as a healing practitioner and wellness coach.  The book is a clear illustration of Dr. how sexual energy, creative energy, and spiritual energy are harnessed together, providing readers with a hands approach to applying this principle while utilizing her unique, “diamond-shaped formula.  The book shows ways to connect to a purpose driven life. “Finding the G-Spot of your Soul” is illustrated with stories shared by her clients that readers can easily relate to. Hands-on activities and fun exercises follow each chapter, allowing readers to apply these ideas — to discover the meaning of their own lives, break away from the status quo, and start living RAVENOUSLY!

The book can be purchased online through and her website

This celebration will take place on January 24, 2019, from 5:30 PM-8:30 PM.   This celebration is a great opportunity to meet professional women in the fields of healthcare, beauty, music, entertainment, television, film, business and politics. Dr. Kostina will share with women of all backgrounds, ages, and cultures, to express and relate to their sexual perspectives on the topic and to meet other remarkable women speakers who will join her in the celebration of women’s sexual liberty.

Tickets available at

for $25 before January 24, 2019, and $30 at the door. Admission includes food, drink, and Dr. Kostina’s signed book.

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