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Behind the Scenes With Ranelle Golden: Writer, Director, Producer

I want to welcome Ranelle Golden to the BTS Entertainment Corner with a quote from this amazing lady herself.

ranelle-golden-photo“After becoming legally blind, and taking the long road back to regain much of my vision and life, I have decided to plot to take over the world!! Other than that, I am pretty simple. I love writing, desire to be loved and above all cherish the most important thing in the world, my children.”

1)  You have led an interesting and, at times, a very challenging life. How have these trials and triumphs shaped your writing and creating, particularly with your book “Twin Curse” and the short film Saving Amy

Ah, “Twin Curse,” my baby. This project was a book I published and then bought the rights back so I could further develop it. It started as a story for my kids and grew into a trilogy. It’s a bucket list project for sure.

Saving Amy was the first film I ever made. It was a short development to promote the feature screenplay. It was also the first film I ever directed because my hired Director didn’t show up. The crew picked me and the rest is history.

 2) How did Hit Women come about, and where are you with the project right now? 

Hit Women isn’t exactly what people assume from the name. It was inspired by my best friend’s cheating husband and her desire to seek some help in how to deal with it. I couldn’t help her but I could write about it—taking on subjects often taboo and making people think while they laugh. In 2015 we made a series trailer for all written 13 episodes. We’ve been working to pitch it for full development. It’s proving to be a long process.

3) I’m Executive Producer of the NSAEN Film Festival, and I’ve seen and heard a lot about your Cosmic Film Festival. Tell us about the genesis of this entity, and is it more than just your average film festival? Where can people go for details?

cosmic-film-2Cosmic was born of my desire to find more opportunities to recognize Women in Film and to promote filmmakers overall.

One of the things I do is interview and write articles on as many as humanly possible of our submitters. We also work hard to bring workshops and panels that will benefit filmmakers at all levels. I have a personal mission to help people understand that doing contracts, even as a small indie filmmaker, is vital. I’m also amazed at how many filmmakers don’t know about or realize the chain of title, then struggle with trying to get distribution and not having documentation. I worry about them.

4) You have a new TV series coming out called Transcend. Spill the beans, we want to know all about it, or as much as you would like to share. 

Oh boy, what can I share.  We have three episodes done and in post. We are working to release in June if all goes well. However, we’ve been approached by international distribution and a few other exciting things I can’t talk about yet; though we still have three episodes to finish for the full season. The talent in this show is amazing too.  I’m very grateful to the whole Transcend team.

5) From books to music and filmmaking, you are working on an incredible career. Any advice….warnings for us creative types? 

My best advice from experiences I’ve had is to register your work, and make sure you get releases from everyone when you are making a film.  But most importantly, don’t dream—do.  My motto is #DreamInAction. Every step counts, even small ones. Claim it, and don’t be afraid.

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