Being a Light


“Walk the Turtle” 6/18/2017

As the grace of time passes, a momentum of moments turn into days, months, and years of memories that have remained as mindful focal points inside our spirit.

As we become prepared to perform on this great stage of life, we strive to make it our best performance possible before the curtains close and we take a final bow.

Guidance and direction we feel inside our hearts, along with the encouragement of those that believe in our visions and dreams, will allow us to reach for the stars.

We travel the roads that lead our way toward another learning experience during each chapter of this life, taking risks and making mistakes as we teach ourselves.

We each have deep understandings of our own soul knowing the illusions of our minds can enhance realities of love and compassion to comfort sorrows and pain.

Walk the turtle listening to the sounds of serenity inside the scenes of emotion as we simply embrace the natural loving touch felt by the warmth of being a light.


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