Bengleton Socks: The Sock That Loves America


Press Release:

Charleston, SC, January 31, 2017—Bengleton Sock Company believes in giving you a carefree, productive, happy sock for the carefree, productive, happy life that you’re living; pledging to keep families together through peace, love and niceness!


Bengleton Socks is a brand new, family-friendly web series centered around fake sock commercials for a fictional sock company and was created by Brian T Shirley, and his “crazy” brain. Brian T Shirley is a comedian, actor, author, radio show co-host, and the funnyman behind BTS On The Road, a web series that takes you behind the scenes and on the road with a stand-up comedian.


Bengleton Socks has garnered much attention in its young life including one episode, “Bengleton Socks Made in America” being accepted to the IndieWise Online Film Festival.


The new comedy about a caring sock company has made an impression on longtime singer and comedian, Charlie Wiener, as well with Mr. Wiener giving Bengleton Socks the green light to feature his hit song “Dumb Girl” as the official theme song. Mr. Wiener has spent more than 40 years in music and comedy and is one of most requested stand-up comedians working the road.


As a consumer of socks, we hope you enjoy Bengleton Socks and to show you just how much Bengleton Sock Company cares, here are a few words from Gert Pivpov, President and CEO of Bengleton Sock Company:

We here at Bengleton believe in a quality sock for your quality foot. Whether you’re walking to the mailbox, laying on the golf course screaming or taking a hike to Kilimanjaro, let Bengleton be the footwear you wear. If you want to live a carefree, productive, happy life, you need a carefree, productive, happy sock. That’s just what we manufacture here at Bengleton. We also keep families together through, Peace, Love and Niceness. So, the next time you’re twinkling your toes, make sure they’re in a Bengleton Sock!!

President/CEO of Bengleton Socks

Gert Pivpov



You can catch Bengleton Socks on, and

For more information about the Bengleton Socks web series, please contact:

Mr. Shirley is also available for interviews




brianbio2lgComedian Brian T Shirley has been in the Business for 20 + years. His act is derived from growing up poor, divorce, the USAF, partying, relationships, infomercial’s, sports, and more. He has performed all over the U.S., Canada,The Bahamas and Japan. He also works Country Clubs and corporate events all over the U.S. He has done special engagements such as a tour of Japan to entertain the troops, opening for Huey Lewis and The News, The “Laughter for Love” benefit for Va. Tech, & a Country music festival for Dodge trucks.
Brian has performed @ The Jokers Wild Comedy Club inside the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island,The Bahamas & for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Brian is also a philosopher. He’s written two books of wisdom & wise sayings called “Make Love Not Warts,” and “Four Score and Seven Beers Ago…” (Which recently won the “Amazing Book Cover Art Award” in a contest sponsored by LeRue Press).
Brian’s third book, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Club” contains short stories about his life on the road as a professional comedian.

Brian has created and hosts a WEB Series about being a stand-up comedian on the road called “BTS On The Raod” which can be seen on Youtube, American Hearts Radio WEB TV Network every Saturday @ 8 PM EST and in the online magazine No Strings Attached-E News.

Brian’s a weekly guest host on a segment called “BTS Entertainment Corner” on Janice Hermsen’s radio program “What’s The Story” every Friday @ 2:30 PM EST on, as well as co-host of a monthly radio show on The Lina Jones Diamond Network called “The Lina and Brian Hour.”

Brian has done voiceover work for the award winning WEB Series “U.S.E.” (2014) and the feature film “Inside Ben” (2016), and he’s a main character in the animated feature “Professor Gravitron Saves The Universe” (2016).



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