BEYOND THE DARK – Trailer drop

[For Immediate Release]

BEYOND THE DARK, an anthology series of horror and sci-fi, premieres April 1

[Los Angeles, CA] Entertainment Squad will release the first season of Beyond The Dark through its genre distribution label The Horror Collective.

Executive Producer Shaked Berenson (Tales of Halloween, Etheria) announced today on Collider that the anthology series Beyond The Dark will be released on VOD and digital on April 1 by Entertainment Squad’s genre label, The Horror Collective.

Beyond The Dark is a collection of short stories exploring everything that ends – from marriage, life, civilization, Earth, to the universe as we know it. 

The series stars Kimmy Robertson (Twin Peaks), Zoe Bell (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), John Hennigan (WWE), and Tracie Thoms (Gone).

Episodes directed by: Kelli Breslin (Netflix’s You), William J. Stribling (Bear with Us), Mia Kate Russell (Liz Drives), Annick Blanc, Alexandria Perez (Aftermath). 

The series was produced by Shaked Berenson and Entertainment Squad’s Vice President of Short Form and Episodic Content, Heidi Honeycutt (Etheria).


Entertainment Squad is a film and TV distribution and aggregation company representing several labels, including The Horror Collective, Mr. Puppy Presents and Gefilte Films. Recent films include PAPER SPIDERS starring Lili Taylor, Stefanie LaVie Owens, and Peyton List and critically acclaimed killer-pants horror-comedy, SLAXX (Shudder).

Episode breakdown:

Episode 1: The Speed of Time

Directed by: William J. Stribling

Written by: Russ Nickel, William J. Stribling

Cast: John Hennigan (Johnny Killfire), Sean Marquette (Young John), Nic Nemeth (Orville)

Johnny Killfire must go back in time and team up with his former self to prevent a break in the space-time continuum.

Episode 2: Midnight Clear

Directed by: Joe Russo

Written by: Joe Russo, John Jesensky

Cast: Jessica Morris (Julie), Kurt Kubicek (David), Caige Coulter (gracie)

An unstable husband forces his terrified family to celebrate a macabre and deadly Christmas.

Episode 3: Malacostraca

Written and Directed by: Charles A. Pieper

Cast: Amber Marie Bollinger (Sophie), Charlie Pecoraro (Chris)

A failing writer descends into madness as his wife grows pregnant with their child.

Episode 4: Pipe

Directed by: Max Isaacson

Written by: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing

Cast: Zoë Bell (Pipe), Tracie Thoms (Bliss)

The last two decent souls on earth get tangled up in a violent conflict when a woman’s body washes up on shore.

Episode 5: The Wound

Written and Directed by: Chris Levitus

Cast: Letticia Bissondut (Anna), Kris Lemche (Otto)

A man wakes up bleeding from a mysterious, grotesque wound in his chest.

Episode 6: Conversion Therapist

Written and Directed by: Bears Rebecca Fonté

Cast: Michael Dickson (Ira), Sara Fletcher (Justine), Evelyn Jake (Salina)

A demented, pansexual, polyamorous trio kidnap a bigoted conversion therapist and torture him until he sees the light.

Episode 7: Peopling

Written and Directed by: Lucas Amann

Cast: Josh Fadem (George), Kimmy Robertson (Joy)

George accidentally creates a doppelganger from his own jizm, resulting in a deranged and deadly love triangle.

Episode 8: The Final Girl Returns

Written and Directed by: Alexandria Perez

Cast: Dakota Payne (The Driver)

Surviving a cabin massacre, a driver is trapped in an endless cycle of saving the final girls from the rules of horror.

Episode 9: Bad Hair

Written and Directed by: Oskar Lehemaa

Cast: Sten Karpov (Leo)

Balding, insecure Leo tries a new hair growth serum that also unfortunately causes a series of grotesque side effects.

Episode 10: Man in the Corner

Directed by: Kelli Breslin

Written by: Kelli Breslin, Daniel Ross Noble

Cast: Christopher Dietrick (Michael), Matt Pascua (Daniel), Larry Weissman (Dave)

What starts out as a hookup with his dream guy turns into a nightmare.

Episode 11: The Color of Your Lips

Written and Directed by: Annick Blanc

Cast: Alexis Lefebvre (Diver), Katia Lévesque (Woman)

When Earth’s atmosphere becomes unbreathable, two survivors face that their air reserves are quickly running out.

Episode 12: Maggie May

Written and Directed by: Mia’kate Russell

Cast: Lulu McClatchy (Maggie May), Katrina Mathers (Sam)

When Maggie May doesn’t know what to do, she does nothing at all.

Episode 13: Socks and Robbers

Written and Directed by: David Lilley

Cast: Pete Bennett (Gout), David Chabeaux (Sniffer), Aj Stevenson (Bunion), Andy Batson (Hammer Toe)

A gang of daring, sock-headed criminals commit the biggest bank heist in history.