The Bling Queen Nehita Designs

The Bling Queen

Cementing Her Place in History

With Nehita Designs

By Deborah Hayter

 Monalisa Okojie is more than just an Ishan princess from Nigeria.  She is a mother, a business woman, and founder of an organization called Upward African Woman.   Monalisa Okojie grew up in Nigeria, a country rich in history and endowed with natural resources.  She never envisioned that her fascination for jewelry and design would lead to Hollywood, California where she would become known as the Jewelry Designer to the Stars.


Today, she is honored that her jewelry is included as part of the African-Print Fashion Now! A Story of Taste, Globalization, and Style. 

Although many of her designs have been worn by celebrities and high profiled individuals, her collection featured at the Fowler Museum store are for those who like to, as she puts it, “wear a piece of art.”  The museum is ranked as one of the top four University museums whose exhibitions have been viewed by thousands and filmed for its cultural significance.   


“I am extremely proud to be a part of the exhibition”, said Monalisa.  It most definitely helps to build awareness of African art and culture.   Monalisa, who has businesses on both continents, understands the global emersion of fashion.

Although Monalisa started out creating exotic jewelry for women, she soon began to recognize that the number of men wearing jewelry has increased by 400% within the past few years.


It is important to her, that people know that all of the gems she uses in her collection are from conflict free countries.

Monalisa Okojie has built a company whose designs are inspired by her international travels. She attended the Gemological Institute of America in California. The colors of selected stones are inspired from the beaches of her African culture. Monalisa’s designs are already in Accra, Ghana, Nigeria, Dubai, and Beverly Hills, California.

This is a great opportunity to own a designer gem that will not only provide great memories but will support the ongoing cultural environment of the Fowler Museum. Exhibits are an important part of documenting cultural history.  In addition, the Fowler Museum is in its 54th year and supporting them ensures scholarships for deserving students.


The Fowler Museum Store is open during Museum operating hours. Information: 310) 206-7004

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