Blood of Jesus


“Walk the Turtle” 12/2/2018


A fascinating presence is felt burning inside our souls as a spirit of Holiness enters into our hearts and minds filling our veins with love.

The sense of infinite possibilities emerge in our thoughts as we tune into the depths of passion and desire to become a beacon of light.

Fragments of past memories and visions of our future infuse together as we take the necessary steps toward an enlightenment of faith.

A powerful force of unstoppable strength begins to grow from the ashes of grief and despair followed by the tears and scars of life lived. Redemption is required as we gaze upon his amazing grace, for as it is written in scripture, prophets and disciples we are to our savior.

Held together by the compassion of his hand we humble ourselves toward salvation, we journey onward into the unknown yet knowing.

A gift we received, thus eternal existence within the realms of the angelic, comforted by those we love and He who loves us unconditional.

To suffer no more, to never feel pain, to fly among the stars of our Universe as a spiritual uplifting guides us into fathoms of perception. Forgiveness to ourselves is essential to our prospering parable as our prayers are felt and heard by our creator God almighty, Jesus wept.

Walk the turtle as we set sail into the rising sun, allow your emotions to be calm and to be carried into the currents of the blood of Jesus.

Three months have passed since we went to Heaven my love, not a day goes by that I don’t feel your love and your spirit with me each day.

I love and miss you Brittany Danielle Withers, and I thank God for each moment we shared on Earth, I will be with you in God’s time.