Bronx Wanderers Now at the Westgate!

Tuesday night was the grand reopening of one of my favorite shows here in Las Vegas. The Bronx Wanderers are now playing at Westgate Hotel & Casino. Alan and Kathy Glist, also the producers of Menopause the Musical, really deserve a round of applause for getting Vinny Adinolfi and the group back. This lovely new showroom fits them perfectly and their opening was filled with an audience of A-List VIP entertainers. Among them was Tony Orlando, who will be celebrating sixty years in show business. 

I love hearing the stories that brought Vinny to have the dream he always wanted and is now being fulfilled à la Las Vegas. The group brings back so many old songs we have loved over the years, and with a lot of great video clips and nostalgia. One of the very best shows in Las Vegas and definitely worth your time out.

United by their passion for great music, The Bronx Wanderers are led by father and master entertainer Vinny Adinolfi, who is a former chart-topping record producer. He is joined on stage by his son, Vinny “Vin. A” Adinolfi III, an Italian Brian Wilson who sings, arranges and plays several different instruments, as well as a killer hand-picked backup band. They have toured for the last 16 years and no one can compete with them for the heart and soul that they pour into their show.

The Bronx Wanderers have performances Monday through Thursday at 8 p.m. and Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at the Westgate Cabaret. Find additional information and details at or For more information, visit or follow the show on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.