Buy Back Your Time

I don’t have enough time to make a film.

Let’s change tracks for a second!

We talked about the idea and writing it down, we discussed how to turn that idea into a story, we even made our first draft screenplay. Now let’s talk about making the film.

I work a full time job, who has time for all this creating stuff? 

I could do amazing things if someone would just give me the chance and the time to make it!

I can’t make anything while working a full time job, there isn’t enough time in the day.

Sound familiar?

It did to me for a long time, working all hours of the day just to pay my bills; knowing I had the ability to create great content but no money or time to make it.

I just can’t do it; there aren’t enough hours in the day.


You have the same amount of time in the day as everyone else, don’t you? Twenty four hours is still twenty four hours, no matter which way you cut it.

The problem is not that you don’t have enough time; the problem is you don’t know how to manage it or buy it back. 

Change my mind!

We have all seen the meme with the guy at the table. 

“X is X!

Change my mind”

Well, I am here to tell you that you have to do just that! Change your mind.

Let’s break down the day

1 hour of travel.

8 hours of work.

8 hours of sleep.

2 hours of relax and chill.

1 hour a day for bodily functions.

1 hour at the gym.

Some schedules are a little different granted, but this is still only 21 hours. You have a 24 hour day.

You have three hours a day you could spend writing and creating, instead of Netflix and chilling.

Might not seem like a lot, but three hours is golden when it comes to writing and making short films.

Hold on a second Jonathan. Buy back time?

Oh good, you caught that.

Yes, buy back your time. I don’t mean go out and pay some deity to reverse time and grant you extra hours, I am talking about utilizing those around you to help get some of your time back.

Why do you think business execs have assistants?

It is a method of ‘buying’ their own time back, if they did not have the assistant; they would have to do all that work as well as the work they do now.

I can’t afford an assistant.

No, but you have friends.

Creative people normally collect and cultivate other creative people in their life.

Know a friend who draws well? Ask them if they would do you a solid and draw X and Z for your film.

Know a friend with a camera? Ask them if they would be able to shoot some footage for you.

Know a friend who writes well? Ask them to make edits for you.

Know a friend who is meticulously detail-oriented? Ask them to act as your scheduler/ script supervisor.

Every job you can get help with is a job you do not have to do yourself; every job you do not have to do yourself is time…

Suddenly you have gone from a one man army with no time, to a whole production crew each with 3 hours a day. Everyone is working to make your vision a reality, everyone is helping you create your first film and they are all doing it for free.

I could never use my friends like that!

This is not a one-sided deal my friend!

If your friends are helping you achieve your goals and you have skills they can use… Trade.

Successful people bring others up with them; they do not step on those who help them to further only their personal goals. Do not look at it as using your friends, think of it more like building your power base.

When you get that big Hollywood gig, you have a costume designer, a script supervisor, and camera man. You bring to the negotiation table a whole production team, not just a man with a dream and a few short films.

So now you have your screenplay, a crew, and you have time to make something since you are sharing the load.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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Jonathan Thompson – Devil May Care Productions