Calm the Beast Inside

“Walk the Turtle” 2/13/2017


Inside the deep layers of carnal space within the thoughts and emotions of the human mind lives a rage that is kept at bay, a venomous viper that feeds on the energy of anger and hate.

Those that allow this entity to emerge will tear apart a person’s heart by their wicked words and become deadly to themselves, a battle of shame and regret by the actions unleashed begin.

Darkness and bitterness kept inside the soul must be set free from the mind and body in order for the spirit to lay upon the flow of constant peace, to be able to let go of our ego and pride.

A presence of nature’s warmth felt within the flesh and bones will gracefully appear during the process of a spiritual healing, as time goes by growth of wisdom will cast a shadow of beauty.

As we walk the turtle become compassionate for the stillness of life and keep in mind how delicate it is to feel the serenity inside, knowing that God’s love will always calm the beast inside.