Can an e-Book Be a Best Seller?


Self-publishing is abundant now that eBooks have taken on a life of their own. Kindles, Nooks, and the ability to access eBooks on the computer, phones or tablets make this method of publishing a true phenomenon.

Can an individual really make money selling eBooks? Some authors do, as evidenced by best-selling author John Locke, former insurance salesman. After becoming one of the best-selling authors on rivaling well-known authors like James Patterson and Nora Roberts, in 2011, Locke signed with traditional publisher Simon and Schuster in a less than traditional contract. Today, Locke still writes, hoping to eventually have his own publishing company.

By the same token, groups on LinkedIn like, “New Authors Need Marketing Ideas” monitored by author, Saul Weber, and “eBooks, eBook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Book Content” are good examples of the ways self-published authors are using social media besides Facebook to network with other authors and share ideas and learn from one another. Unlike businesses, selling the same product does not stop authors from sharing marketing tips and helping each other.

Selling eBooks can be challenging. Many of the authors in the LinkedIn groups often voice their frustrations. Many have found that “if you build it, they will come” does not happen even with the ease of distribution available with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other outlets.

Self-published or traditionally published, it’s all about the marketing. Though a well-written book is part of the mix, marketing by the author is a necessary component to be successful and make sales. Ask John Locke.

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